10 Reasons to Learn Python

Reasons to Learn Python

Python has been growing since 2016 and it’s growing big. According to Stack Overflow Developers’ Survey 2019, Python is the second “most loved” language with 73% of the developers choosing it above other languages prevailing in the market. But why is python so popular? Why should you learn python in 2020? Keeping these questions in mind, here are ten reasons to learn Python at best python classes in Pune.

  1. Python is simple and easy

According to institutions offering data science courses in Pune, Python language is incredibly easy to use and learn for beginners and newcomers. Python does not have any complicated syntax or tough rules which makes it a popular language for amateurs. It resembles the English language quite closely and that’s why python codes can be easily written and executed much faster than other programming languages.

Reasons to Learn Python

  1. Python is portable

Python is a very portable and extensible language. Cross-language operations can be performed easily on Python. Python can be used in almost any kind of environment.

It is supported by most platforms present in the industry today ranging from Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Play station, among others. Python can be easily integrated with Java, .NET components. Python’s extensibility features allow you to invoke C/C++ libraries. This feature saves extra costs involved in purchasing and learning a new Operating system.

  1. Tech giants love python

For the faster growth of any Programming language, a corporate sponsor’s back is immensely important. For example, Visual Basic & C# is backed by Microsoft, PHP by Facebook. Python Programming language is backed by Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and especially Google.

Google has used it for many applications and platforms since 2006.

Many big names such as Yahoo, Google, Disney, NASA, Mozilla, and many more rely heavily on Python.

  1. Hundreds of libraries and framework

As we all know that Python is an open-source language, it’s always fresh and up to date with current trends. There is a huge range of open supply libraries, frameworks, and modules out there to try no matter what you would like to try and do. It makes application development very easy.

Python has many libraries and frameworks for various purposes. Some examples are Matpotlib, NumPy, Requests, Scipy.

  1. Scripting and automation

Python is also a scripting language. In scripting, the code is written in the form of scripts and get executed. Python can also be used to automate different tasks reducing the time and energy spent on them. With the help of lots of great libraries, you can automate tasks easily. Excel reports, emails, and other tasks can be simplified in a few lines of code, say expert trainers offering python training in Pune.

  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The demand for artificial intelligence is at its peak right now. Machine Learning is the most popular field of AI. The basic concept of this field is to make the machine learn from the data as human beings learn from their experiences.

As per institutions offering python courses in Pune, Python has gained immense popularity in the field of most complex technologies like AI because of its simplicity and flexibility. Implementing AI needs tons of algorithms but due to python’s pre-defined packages, all you need to do is install and load the necessary packages with a single command. Some of the most effective and popular AI-based Python Libraries are TensorFlow, NumPy, Keras, Theano.

  1. Web development

Python is considered to be amongst the most preferred languages of the web developers. Hence, learning this language would work in your favor as a developer. Python is quite useful for web development as it has a lot of libraries and frameworks such as Django, web2py,, CherryPy, etc.

Python is an easy language, yet it is powerful enough to back some of the world’s most popular products and applications from companies like NASA, Google, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft among others.

  1. Data science

The use of data analytics in business has become really important for companies in recent times. Data Science is the most vital reason why several programmers are learning Python in 2020. Python is used for data exploration, data analysis, and data visualization. It is preferred because of its ease and coding is simpler and faster in comparison to other languages.

  1. Supports testing

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general programming language that helps programmers to write manageable and logical code for small as well as large-scale projects. It is a preferred choice for test automation as it offers the test in a readable and descriptive form.

  1. Jobs and high salary

There’s a high demand for Python developers in India but the supply is really low. In recent times, Python is offering lots of career opportunities in India. Choosing Python to pursue your career is a good choice. Examples of some of the companies that prefer Python is NASA, Google, Nokia, IBM, Disney etc.

Python developers are amongst the highest-paid developers.

Now that you know the doors Python can open up for you, Enroll with us at Ethans Tech for python training in Pune now!!!

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