6 reasons to study data science

The Job of a Data Scientist has been considered as the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review.

Data Science can be interpreted as the study of data which is generated from a variety of sources, and the process of turning it into a piece of valuable information that can help in the decision-making process in business. A Data Scientist is a professional who works extensively with raw data to derive valuable business insights from it. A Data Scientist enhances business decision making by introducing greater speed and better direction to the entire process with the help of their data visualization capabilities.  The career in Data Science is very promising, also it’s only going to get better and brighter in the future.

Here are the reasons as to why to learn data science:

Data is the new Gold

There is an incredible increase in the amount of data that is being created and consumed but the data collected in isolation has no value. Data needs to be manipulated and analyzed to get the most out of it. The insight that is generated from this valuable resource is the factor that gives an organization the real impact required for growth. We have already seen that the companies that have already figured out how to collect and use data are outperforming their competitors.

High demand

The use of data analytics in business is something that companies cannot ignore in recent times. With the huge abundance of data, the job of data scientists has become the most sought-after job. According to IBM, an increment by 364,000 to 2,720,000 openings will be generated in the year 2020. This demand will only grow further to an astonishing 700,000 openings.

According to Glassdoor, Data Scientist is the number one job on its website. This position will remain unchanged in the future.

The requirement for the number of data scientists is growing at an exponential rate making it a “high-demand skill”. Companies are offering huge salaries to those having skills to take on the positions of Data Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, etc. India is the second-highest country to recruit employees in the field of data science or data analytics.

Data Scientist job opening

Lucrative Career choice

Data Science professionals are paid way above other sectors in the market. Below is the analysis of pay scale from Glassdoor

Job in data Science

The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is Rs 6,99,928, and the average salary of a Data Analyst is Rs. 4,04, 924. With the data science course completed from a reputed institute, you are likely to receive an annual bump up of around 15% in your salary which will further increase with an increase in the years of work experience and the number of skills you’ve mastered.

High Flexibility

With the big boom of data, there are all sorts of new opportunities coming up. Sectors like business, energy, government, healthcare, intelligence, and security, are waiting for data scientists. And, since the application areas for data science are very broad, you can work in a field that sparks your Own personal interest. It’s an exciting time to consider a career in data science acc to experts who provide data science training in Pune.

Leadership Roles

Businesses will begin using Data Science in various operations in the near future, which will obviously include Project Management. With the understanding of data insights and trends using data science, organizations can make smarter decisions in lesser time making decisions lucrative. Data Analysts should know how to communicate the complex results to the technical people in the organization.These communications are vital, putting data analysts in the central part of the organizations’ decision-making process. Analytics experts often pick up strong leadership skills as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an evolving field. Today AI is a field with many practical applications. AI keeps on learning over time based on past data. Chatbots are a very famous example of an intelligence system developed with data science and artificial intelligence. The field of Data Science is immense, its rewards, however, are even greater. Technologies are rapidly evolving in today’s world and we need to be dynamic to keep up the pace to move forward.

The most effective way is to take a market aligned certification course in Data Science. The certification from reputed institutions like Ethans Tech surely carries the weight if the company is looking for the best candidate as We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our certificate is recognized in many top companies.   Take your first step towards an exciting and brighter future with us.

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