Google Cloud training in Gurgaon

Google Cloud training in Gurgaon

Ethans Tech,  provides you a Google Cloud Platform Certification – Cloud Architect (GCP) course consisting of various modules like Google Cloud  Interactions, GCP Development tools, Storage and Database Services, etc. Our sole purpose of designing such a course is to make our students industry ready with an ability to tackle any professional challenges they may face in the field of Google Cloud.

Lectures: 16 Duration: 50 Hours

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About Google Cloud Course in Gurgaon – by Ethans

Google Cloud (also referred to as Google Cloud Platform or GCP) is a provider of computing resources for developing, deploying, and operating applications on the Web. Although its cloud infrastructure does function as the host for applications which include Google Workplace (previously G Suite, and before that Google Apps), GCP is especially a carrier for constructing and retaining authentic applications, which might also additionally then be posted thru the Web from its hyperscale data center facilities.

GCP is a public cloud vendor — like competition Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. With GCP and different cloud vendors, clients are capable of getting admission to computer resources housed in Google’s data facilities around the world totally free or on a pay-per-use basis.

GCP gives a set of computing services to do the whole thing from GCP value management to data control to handing over net and video over the web to AI and machine learning tools.

Google Cloud Platform is a collection of public cloud computing services provided through Google. The platform consists of a variety of hosted services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google hardware. Google Cloud Platform services may be accessed by software developers, cloud administrators and other organization IT professionals over the general public internet or via a committed network connection.

Google Cloud Platform gives services for compute, storage, networking, massive data, machine learning and the internet of things (IoT), in addition to cloud management, safety and developer tools. The core cloud computing products in Google Cloud Platform include:


  • Compute Engine [Virtual Machines, Disks, and Network] An IaaS carrier that offers virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Google’s infrastructure.
  • App Engine [Managed Application Platform] A PaaS carrier for constructing web applications and mobile backends the use of container times preconfigured with one in all several available runtimes, each of which consist of a fixed of preferred App Engine libraries.
  • Container Engine [Managed Kubernetes / Containers] Cluster control and orchestration device for coordinating Docker containers. It is based on the open source Kubernetes project.
  • Container Registry [Private Container Registry & Storage] Private Docker repository hosted on Google’s infrastructure.

Storage and database: 

  • Cloud storage: A unified object storage service, providing a spectrum of storage options consisting of geo-redundant (low-latency, excessive QPS content material helping users allotted throughout geographic regions)
  • Cloud SQL: A fully-controlled MySQL database carrier for hosting relational MySQL databases on Google’s infrastructure.
  • Bigtable: An excessive performance NoSQL Big Data database service, designed to help very massive workloads at constant low latency and excessive throughput rates.
  • Cloud datastore: A NoSQL schema, much less a database for storing non-relational data.

Big Data: 

  • BigQuery: Serverless, completely managed, petabyte scale data warehouse and analytics platform, used to store and question Big Data the use of SQL.
  • Cloud Dataflow: A fully-controlled real-time data processing carrier for batch and streaming Big Data processing
  • Dataproc: Managed Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, and Apache Hive provider used to process huge datasets.

Machine learning:

  • Cloud machine learning: A controlled provider for constructing machine learning models the usage of the TensorFlow framework.
  • Cloud vision API: A REST API that may be used to recognize the content material of an image into categories, locate person objects and faces inside images, and discover and study published phrases contained inside images.
  • Cloud speech API: A REST API that may be used to transform audio to text. The API acknowledges over eighty languages and variants.


  • Google cloud virtual network: A set of Google-controlled networking capabilities, which includes granular IP cope with variety selection, routes, firewalls, Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Cloud load balancing: A provider that load-balances and auto-scales GCP compute resources in single or a couple of areas at the back of a single anycast IP
  • Cloud CDN: Uses Google’s globally allotted edge factors of presence to cache HTTP(S) load-balanced content material near users.

Identity and Security: 

  • Google cloud IAM: Lets administrators authorize who can take movement on particular resources, together with integrated auditing
    •  Cloud resource manager:  A carrier for programmatically dealing with the resource containers (consisting of Organizations and Projects) used to organize and hierarchically organize GCP resources.
  • Cloud security scanner: A web safety scanner for common vulnerabilities in App Engine applications, which includes cross-site-scripting (XSS), Flash injection, combined content (HTTP in HTTPS), and outdated / insecure libraries.



Why should I pick Google Cloud while there are different cloud carriers in the market like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. So right here are a few factors to reply to this question.

  • Best pricing: Google Cloud gives the pay-as-you-pass function to its clients wherein they only should pay for the resources they use and the hosting plans are cheaper than different platforms’ hosting plans.
  • Private network: Google affords its very own network to each client to make sure that they’ve more control and scalability over the network.
  • Work from anywhere:  Employees benefit entirely from access to information throughout devices from everywhere in the world through web-based applications which can be powered by Google.
  • Integrated services: Users can use numerous APIs, AI and ML, IoT, Compute engine, Databases, Big Data analytics, Developer tools, and so on simultaneously.
  • Quick collaboration: It lets in short collaboration for all customers i.e Multiple users can access and edit the projects at the same time.



Advantages of GCP: 

  • Reliability: Reliability is first and foremost. I can hardly keep in mind if my VM instance ever restarted with out my having initiated it. Even Cloud SQL receives up to date as soon as every 3–4 months, for five to ten minutes.
  • SSL certificate: Nowadays you generally issue an SSL certificate for 365 days only; longer durations are taken into consideration insecure. This means you want to issue a certificate and set up it to your server every year.No, it’s not hard, however you have to maintain that in mind. And you likely recognise what occurs while your SSL certificate has expired.

What Google Cloud gives is the capacity to issue and manage SSL certificates for you automatically. It’s accomplished through developing a load balancer, and it only desires to be performed once. And while it’s executed your certificates never expire—Google Cloud renews them automatically.

  • Storing files/assets: 

If you operate traditional hosting, possibilities are you keep all of the documents your customers add at the identical device.

  • Are the ones files safe?
  • What if a system crashes and the backup provider has not been operating for the past week?
  • How do you scale in case your task achieves fast growth?

Google Cloud has storage “buckets” wherein you could place your files so they’re not saved on a specific server. A bucket may be public, so that you can keep public images there, for example. Or a bucket may be secured, so that you read and write files thru a server. This is how you may keep invoices and other secured documents.And the excellent part of this method is that your server times turn out to be clear. You can scale very without problems and also you don’t need to worry wherein the documents are located.

  • Scalability: 

This is the great trouble your startup might have. And when you have it, you understand the way to resolve it.

Just make a snapshot of your VM example and set up more instances. Or, you could tune your server (CPU, RAM, etc.) if it’s sufficient.

Disadvantages of GCP: 

  • Cloud hosting is more costly than traditional hosting. But, to be honest, it’s really well worth the peace of mind.
  • Google Cloud DNS remains slower than CloudFlare, so we use the latter for DNS resolution.
  • No free support (as far as I know). But Google Cloud has big documentation, so we haven’t had any issues enforcing any functions yet.

Google Cloud Platform can be the ‘new child at the block’ in comparison with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, however their services are really well worth critical consideration. The organization is continuously evolving its services and enhancing so even in case you carried out research particularly recently, you’ll need to maintain comparing their skills in your needs.

Ethans Tech,  offers you a Google Cloud Platform Certification – Cloud Architect (GCP) course which includes numerous modules like Google Cloud  Interactions, GCP Development tools, Storage and Database Services, etc. Our sole reason of designing this kind of course is to make our students industry ready with an capacity to tackle any expert demanding situations they may face in the area of Google Cloud.

GCP classes in Gurgaon

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Lectures: 16, Duration: 50 hours

  • Google Cloud Platform Introduction
  • Google Cloud Platform Overview
  • Cloud Architect Certification Overview
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Cloud SDK, Repositories, Plugins
  • Google Compute Service: Compute, App, Container & Functions
  • Google Compute Engine: Machine Types, Linux and Machine
  • Load Balancer. Auto Scaling & High Availability illustrations
  • GCE – Load Balancing & Auto Scaling Demo
  • Google App Engine – GAE
  • Google Container Engine – GKE
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • GCP: Storage and Database Service Overview
  • Cloud Storage – GCS
  • Google Persistent Disk – PD
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL Demo
  • Google Cloud Spanner: Demo
  • BigTable, Google DataStore
  • Google Networking Products
  • GCP Identity and Security Management (6 Hours)
  • Google Key Management Service – KMS
  • Google Resource Manager – RM
  • Google Cloud Platform BigData Offerings
  • Google BigData Solutions
  • Google Machine Learning Offerings
  • Google AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Download GCP Curriculum

You’ll find all the facts, content, and inspiration you need in one place in our course syllabus brochures. Get a brochure and Be One step closer to your professional dream. Follow the links below to download the brochure for the course you’re interested in.

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GCP training Features

Classroom Sessions

Ethans Gurgaon offers highly professional and advanced training as per the industry need with a special focus on 100% practical and project based program, interactive sessions with Individual focus, online doubt clearing sessions, backup online recorded session, forum access for doubts and questions

Flexi Pass

Eight months free rejoining option within the same branch and same trainer from date of joining. Option available for branch change with minimum charges according to institute’s norms. Special discounts on joining multiple courses and referral bonus can also be availed. Lifetime WhatsApp technical discussion/placement group access.


Hands-on assignments on each topic and modules, trainers provide these assignments according to the student's skill set and project requirements. Assignment duration will be approximately an hour a day. Assignment focuses on real time companies projects. Complementary Study Material with every course.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our certificate is recognised in many top companies. Increase the weightage of your resume by obtaining a course completion certificate on successful completion of the course and practical based projects.

Real-life Case Studies

Ethans provides multiple use cases on real time projects. It helps students to understand the business requirements, analysis of requirements and challenges on real time implementation. We make them industry ready.

Job Assistance Program

On successfully completing a course with Ethans, you could be eligible for a job assistance program. Under this program we help students to build a perfect resume and optimize online profiles for job calls. Alumni group of 5000+ students help share the opportunities. 3000+ freshers/professionals received jobs in top companies in India or across India with good salary packages.

GCP training in Gurgaon FAQs

Although we take care of all the prerequisites for starting to learn GCP, it is good to have basic understanding of compute, storage, database, operating system, application development and multi-tier application framework.

GCP Training is open to all students. As per our teaching experience teaching students from non-IT backgrounds can also learn this technology. Students in a class are mixed from 1 years of experience to 24 years of working experience. Even CA, CS, BCom, Share Brokers, learning this skill for implementing the same into day to day activities.

You will have access to the technical discussion forum lifetime, which will help you in resolving most of your doubts and queries. Eventually, you can connect with your respective faculty directly, else reach out to the nearest Ethans help desk for further assistance.

Our faculties are all extensively experienced IT Industry experts and real time corporate trainers from renowned MNC’s with marvelous knowledge in the subject matter. In addition to their standard duties of imparting knowledge, faculties also undertake consulting assignments for leading Indian and Multinational Companies that gives practical exposure based on real time scenarios from their world of experience. Ethanians that upskill are able to vividly recall classes even after years. Such is the impact of our remarkable trainers on the students.

Yes, Ofcourse. You will be provided with both, hard copies of the study material upon enrollment and soft copies will be shared by the respective faculties over the cloud during the program.

Ethans is a Market leader in Cloud, Automation and Analytics (such as Python, Data Science – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Hadoop, Selenium, Robotics Process Automation, etc.) helps working professionals and freshers in enhancing skills in multiple technologies as per the market demand.

Yes. Ethans being one of the top notch institutes, has a wide network in the market. We do have collaboration with multiple companies that helped 3000+ freshers to get place and working professionals to switch their domains in top companies across India. On course completion, one becomes eligible for the placement assistance.

There are multiple institutes which are providing software training courses, but only Ethans offers professional training on various demanding technologies with flexible timings over the weekdays as well as on weekends depending on the requirements of working professionals.

We have a big pool with a strong and renowned team of professionals having extensive expertise in the technology they deliver. Our trainers are quite supportive and render an amicable learning environment which invigorates the student’s growth in an optimistic way. They are all with huge industry and teaching experiences. Some of them hold more than two decades of experience of the same industry.

We are open for both, lump sum and installments. Best to pay it in one go, but we avail maximum two installments. First installment is to be cleared on the very first day of the class and the second one, within 21 days from the batch commencement date.

No. Fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable at any case, as we assure best training quality at Ethans Tech. We do not let go of any of our valuable students and ensure to deliver the quality that meets one’s requirements and is worth it. Each one of you is important to us.

Yes, Obviously. It’s mandatory and your right to know everything regarding our institute before enrolling. We keep on conducting multiple free demo sessions on numerous technologies every week at all the respective branches of Ethans. It gives you awareness, knowledge, makes things crystal clear and also helps one to decide upon the technology he/she wishes to opt for.

As of now, Ethans has the presence at three locations in Pune (Pimple Saudagar/Kharadi/Baner) and in Noida as well. Looking forward to expanding gradually across India with all your support. Ethans has state-of-the-art-infrastructure that accelerates a pleasant and academically vigorous and stimulating environment for the students and the faculty.

Yes. Ethans renders Online training too. It’s a virtual and absolutely interactive training by the identical faculties that educate at our different branches with the help of a specific software which is best to intercommunicate online. You will be obtaining uniformly the same study material and assessment in online training as in the classroom. Educating yourself from Ethans Tech either by classroom or online means is the same, as the instructors don’t change. Now, it depends on the students, which mode to prefer based on their comfort levels.

Sorry. Although we have crowds coming from different states, we don’t have any such hostel or PG facility as of now, but yes, we help them in finding one for themselves near the institute as there are many good options available that a student can choose as per his/her convenience and reside comfortably.

On enrollment at Ethan’s Tech, you are provided with a flexi pass that avails eight months free re-joining option within the same branch and under the same trainer from the date of enrollment. We also provide online recorded sessions as backups. Options available for branch change with nominal charges as per the norms and regulations of the institute.

Yes, we are frequently engaged in corporate training being the market leader with a big pool of corporate trainers having a wide network with collaboration with several top MNC’S that ultimately becomes an add-on for placing our students with such references.

Basically, there are two ways of registering with Ethans Tech, Online and Offline. In terms of Online, you just need to visit the enrollment tab on your website – which will redirect you to the enrollment form, wherein you need to fill all your essential details and proceed further by paying Rs. 2000/- as the registration fees (inclusive of your standard course fees) For Offline admission, you can can contact and visit any of your nearest Ethans branch and carry out the further formalities under the guidance of the team at Ethans Desk.


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