Salesforce Training in Gurgaon

Salesforce Training in Gurgaon

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based CRM software that helps businesses to grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organization across all bases. At Ethans Tech, Salesforce classes in Gurgaon is the perfect certification course focus to assist students to get the most out of the training. More than 1000+ certified professionals completed salesforce training in Gurgaon with our qualified mentors and got into the IT industry. Ethans has 56% Gurgaon market share in Salesforce Training which makes it the trust worthy choice among professionals.

Lectures: 15-18Duration: 42-48 Hours

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About Salesforce Course in Gurgaon – by Ethans

Salesforce is a cloud-based software organization whose major product is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A Salesforce developer focuses on the usage of the Lightning and Apex programming languages to layout and enforce solutions in the context of the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a CRM based software constructed on the platform. It can control all of the client interactions of a company thru distinctive media, like phone calls, site e-mail enquiries, communities, in addition to social media. Salesforce handles all of the consumer relationships, by focusing on the sales, advertising and marketing and assisting processes. is a platform for developing applications in the cloud with genuinely no software or hardware investment required. The apps therefore created are data-centric and collaborative.

Salesforce is a CRM based application constructed at the platform. It can control all of the client interactions of an organisation via distinctive media, like phone calls, site e-mail enquiries, communities, as well as social media.

Salesforce handles all of the consumer relationships, by focusing on the sales, marketing, and help processes. is getting utilized by an increasing number of industries. So with growing utilization of SFDC technology which also has exponentially increased more jobs in the market.


  • Growth in sales rate: 

With the knowledge of Salesforce Training courses, you could increase your business Sales Rate. Already, Salesforce established the growth price by 3.2% increments with an amount generation of $7.2 billion.

  • Improves business strategies: 

Salesforce till now verified to construct the improved Business Strategy specializing in each minute corners and data of the business and also, on the business-related humans particularly recognition on the Customers the lead of the business.

  • Centralized focused on customers: 

A successful business wishes a nucleus attention on Customers as they’re the individuals who will lead and determine your business in the proper direction of Victory.

  • Detect customer on risk:

The best part of Salesforce training courses in Pune will make you learn how to come across the clients who generously want your service by fixing their queries and complaints as quickly as possible.

  •  Time effectiveness: landed with its tools and services to uplift your business by coping with the right time required for every single activity you want to carry out in a business that’s proportional to the productivity increase of business.

  • Keeps market updates: 

Salesforce training institute in Pune will allow you to recognize how Salesforce is connected with the latest updates and trends and could maintain your business in advance in the marketplace.

This Salesforce certification training is appropriate for every person trying to construct a profession in Salesforce, particularly: Salesforce is a platform utilized by companies all over the world and in each sector. This has given rise to a whole ecosystem around Salesforce with a preference to get the information of Salesforce training courses in Pune. This ecosystem has anticipated to create 1 million jobs and has also resulted in many salesforce training in Pune to open up to meet this job demand. One of the more critical positions is that of a Salesforce Administrator which you could benefit by best Salesforce training in Pune.

The company is a service as a software (SaaS) – this means that it makes use of a cloud-computing, software distribution model that hosts applications and makes them available online. 

Salesforce hosts severa exclusive cloud platforms that permit organizations to engage with different data and service their clients in numerous capacities.

Salesforce has a couple of different cloud platforms – a service cloud, marketing cloud, health cloud, app cloud, network cloud, analytics cloud, IoT cloud, Chatter cloud, trade cloud, Heroku engagement cloud and more.

Salesforce’s sales cloud offers organizations the ability to track contacts, opportunities and control a team to increase sales. The service cloud permits organizations to connect to clients and supply premium customer support thru displaying client activity and resolving issues. With their advertising and marketing cloud, Salesforce enables organizations to track client journeys at the same time as offering multichannel advertising campaigns, while their network cloud permits organizations to immediately interact with their clients and permits their clients to have interaction with every other.

Salesforce is one of the very active CRM platforms in the market wherein new innovations are made, each day. It nearly has the whole lot that a business is looking for. It is updating the technology consistent with the latest requirements by the clients and is innovating numerous new techniques.

In the beginning, all of it commenced as a CRM however in this present situation, they offer an open-source platform and elasticity to develop any form of application/software as per your needs. Overall, its flexibility, analytical practice, and easy capability are attracting increasingly more organizations toward it. By now you would possibly have were given an idea about what’s the scope to your profession as a Salesforce engineer and let’s move on and recognize the way to begin your profession in Salesforce.

Salesforce is a reliable CRM platform having around 800 functionalities. It is present as an environment that contains client management, monitoring, workflow management, analytics, collaboration, social media, and IoT integration. Hence, Salesforce software has turned out to be an affordable and top CRM solution. The professionals who recognize Salesforce are verified to be beneficial for organizations to develop, customize, maintain, and operate the software for attaining the goals.

Have a look at some of the top careers that you could make after doing a course in Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Architect: 

The Salesforce Architect is liable for appearing technical designs of salesforce structures and infrastructure in the business.

  • Salesforce Developer: 

These developers are a part of the company’s development team. Hence, their task is associated with constructing applications at the time of set-up as they own coding skills.

  • Salesforce Administrator: 

The job requires experts to maintain a check of the salesforce platform. They are accountable for growing the productiveness and techniques for accomplishing the seamless workflows for different projects. Moreover, they solve all of the demanding situations that rise up at the time of resetting passwords, supporting the customers for producing reports, maintaining a track at the database, customizing the software to perform the necessities of businesses.

  • Salesforce Data Analyst: 

The position of a Salesforce Data Analyst is to keep a supreme-quality database. Furthermore, they perform distinctive data management processes, carry out research, deliver updates, extract, and track the desired reports. The data analysts carry out their work through cleaning up the database frequently.

  • Salesforce consultant:

The consultants are typically concerned in the implementation of the salesforce platform. Their job is to have a meeting with the clients, discussing their requirements, customizing, and assist in the implementation of the software. Additionally, their work is to offer training and instructing salesforce users.

Many companies, who migrate to Salesforce, face problems in integrating the services inside their IT system or failing to optimize their sales groups with an integrated practical plan. The result was that several options and functionalities were missing, and therefore the platform couldn’t be accustomed to its full potential. Although Heroku resolved the matter by integrating apps and microservices using numerous methods, it became incumbent upon the Salesforce aspirant skilled to possess formal Salesforce training.

There are various ways in which you’ll fast-track your career with a Salesforce certification. investigate the various job roles. Every job role demands a particular Salesforce certification. Equip yourself with the correct certification to urge the work you want. Because the demand for any Salesforce job role is high, a certification equips you with specialised Salesforce requirements. The proper Salesforce training props you ahead during a niche space wherever the scope for career growth and remuneration is sky-high.

Companies use Salesforce to increase their client base and combine the unique cloud services right into a single platform. Companies from distinct fields which include education, automotive, healthcare, life sciences, and finance use Salesforce to force client services and create new opportunities. Below is the listing of such organizations the use of Salesforce for his or her customer relationship management:


  • Pizza Hut- Has been capable of offering smart mobile experience to their clients via the marketing cloud of Salesforce.
  • United Breweries- Is the use of progress reporting provided through Salesforce to quickly discover problems in approximately 2 days which formerly took about 2 weeks.
  • L’Oreal – brought a social network thru which their stylists and reps plan events and share the whole thing associated with hair fashion.
  • Nikon instruments- first of all used customer relationship management (CRM) of Salesforce however later additionally they began out the use of their social network that’s powered through Chatter.



Salesforce technology is one of the excellent CRM tools and technology and is still upcoming with an increasing number of enhancements. It’s a hassle-free tool for better customer interactions and maintaining data because of cloud-based technology.

Salesforce is nowadays among the excellent cloud computing service providers everywhere in the globe. Their clients in no way complain concerning their services. They make their clients satisfied with their supplied services. They have strong links with primary organizations like Dell, Intel, and Oracle. A lot of organizations display that they’ve strengthened by going into touch with Salesforce. Salesforce provides endless services to companies, groups, teams and individuals. They have their personal anonymous social overall performance service platform, wherein millions of users perform their tasks every day.

Salesforce classes in Gurgaon

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Module – 1 : Cloud Application & CRM Cloud Application

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • DaaS
  • IaaS
  • What is CRM?
  • What is Salesforce?
  • Salesforce Editions and licenses
  • Salesforce Architecture
  • Multi-tenant architecture

Company defaults setup

  • Financial calendar
  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Locale
  • Business hours
  • Holidays
  • Multi Currency Setup

Salesforce Products

  • Sales cloud Service cloud
  • Communities cloud
  • Marketing cloud

Module – 2 : Application, Tabs and Objects

  • Salesforce Apps
  • Standard Apps
  • Custom Apps
  • AppExchange Apps


  • Standard Tab
  • Custom Tabs
  • Web Tabs
  • Renaming tabs and labels

Salesforce Objects

  • Standard Objects
  • Custom Objects
  • External Objects

Data Types

  • Standard fields
  • Custom fields
  • Field dependency
  • Formulas
  • Validation Rules

Object Relationship

  • Lookup
  • Master Details
  • Many to Many using junction object
  • Rollup formulas
  • Record types
  • Page Layouts

Module – 3 : User Management & Security Model User Management

  • Setting up Salesforce user
  • Assigning Profiles, Roles
  • Setting up language, locale
  • Setting up Manager
  • Setting up Approver and delegated approver

Salesforce Security Model

  • Profiles
  • Permission Set
  • OWD
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing
  • Login Policies
  • Password Policies
  • IP restriction
  • Login Hours

Module – 4 : Process Automation Workflow Process

  • Field Update
  • Email Alert
  • Task Assignment
  • Outbound messages
  • Time bound actions

Approval Process

  • Standard Approval process
  • Dynamic Approval process
  • Multi-level Approval process

Process Builder

  • Automating Approval
  • Post to chatter
  • Run a Process
  • Run apex code
  • Auto create record
  • Auto update records
  • Email Alert
  • Time bound actions

App Builder

  • Lighting app builder
  • Lightning standard component
  • Record page design
  • Home page design
  • Dynamic page component filter

Duplicate Rules

  • Data duplication rules
  • Matching criteria
  • Duplicate rules for standard and custom object

Assignment Rules

  • Auto assignment rule for Lead and Cases

Auto Responses

  • Auto response emails

Communication Templates

  • Dynamic Email templates
  • Email Template with/without Letterhead
  • Text/HTML email template
  • Public group Queue
  • Web to Lead
  • Auto capturing leads from website
  • Web to Case
  • Auto capturing cases from Website
  • Email to Case
  • Auto creating of case via email

Salesforce Lightning

  • What is Salesforce lightning
  • Classic Vs Lightning
  • Lightning features

Module – 5 : Analytics Analytics

  • Reports
  • Tabular
  • Summary
  • Metrix


  • Running user dashboard
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Reports Auto scheduling
  • Report subscription
  • Charts

Module – 6 : Development Model Salesforce Coding

  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Triggers
  • Lightning component
  • SOQL
  • SOSL
  • Governor Limits
  • Deployment
  • Change Set
  • Inbound change set
  • Outbound change set
  • Data Loader
  • Workbench


  • Developer Account login
  • Scenario practice by industry expert trainer
  • Hands-on practice on every topic
  • Project guidance
  • Salesforce Certification Guidance Salesforce
  • Interview Guidance

Download Salesforce Curriculum

You’ll find all the facts, content, and inspiration you need in one place in our course syllabus brochures. Get a brochure and Be One step closer to your professional dream. Follow the links below to download the brochure for the course you’re interested in.

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Salesforce Training Features

Classroom Sessions

Ethans Gurgaon offers highly professional and advanced training as per the industry need with a special focus on 100% practical and project based program, interactive sessions with Individual focus, online doubt clearing sessions, backup online recorded session, forum access for doubts and questions

Flexi Pass

Eight months free rejoining option within the same branch and same trainer from date of joining. Option available for branch change with minimum charges according to institute’s norms. Special discounts on joining multiple courses and referral bonus can also be availed. Lifetime WhatsApp technical discussion/placement group access.


Hands-on assignments on each topic and modules, trainers provide these assignments according to the student's skill set and project requirements. Assignment duration will be approximately an hour a day. Assignment focuses on real time companies projects. Complementary Study Material with every course.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our certificate is recognised in many top companies. Increase the weightage of your resume by obtaining a course completion certificate on successful completion of the course and practical based projects.

Real-life Case Studies

Ethans provides multiple use cases on real time projects. It helps students to understand the business requirements, analysis of requirements and challenges on real time implementation. We make them industry ready.

Salesforce Training in Gurgaon FAQs

No Prerequisites required to Learn Salesforce

In today’s world, there’s no age to upskill onself. Right from class eighth school boy to a well-experienced working professional, irrespective of their domains are eligible to learn Salesforce. It’s the finest kick off for the freshers and icing on the cake, for others.

You will have access to the technical discussion forum lifetime, which will help you in resolving most of your doubts and queries. Eventually, you can connect with your respective faculty directly, else reach out to the nearest Ethans help desk for further assistance.

Our faculties are all extensively experienced IT Industry experts and real time corporate trainers from renowned MNC’s with marvelous knowledge in the subject matter. In addition to their standard duties of imparting knowledge, faculties also undertake consulting assignments for leading Indian and Multinational Companies that gives practical exposure based on real time scenarios from their world of experience. Ethanians that upskill are able to vividly recall classes even after years. Such is the impact of our remarkable trainers on the students.

Yes, Ofcourse. You will be provided with both, hard copies of the study material upon enrollment and soft copies will be shared by the respective faculties over the cloud during the program.

Ethans is a Market leader in Cloud, Automation and Analytics (such as Python,    Data Science – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Hadoop, Selenium, Robotics Process Automation, etc.) helps working professionals and freshers in enhancing skills in multiple technologies as per the market demand.

Yes. Ethans being one of the top notch institutes, has a wide network in the market. We do have collaboration with multiple companies that helped 3000+ freshers to get place and working professionals to switch their domains in top companies across India. On course completion, one becomes eligible for the placement assistance.

There are multiple institutes which are providing software training courses, but only Ethans offers professional training on various demanding technologies with flexible timings over the weekdays as well as on weekends depending on the requirements of working professionals.

We have a big pool with a strong and renowned team of professionals having extensive expertise in the technology they deliver. Our trainers are quite supportive and render an amicable learning environment which invigorates the student’s growth in an optimistic way. They are all with huge industry and teaching experiences. Some of them hold more than two decades of experience of the same industry.

We are open for both, lump sum and installments. Best to pay it in one go, but we avail maximum two installments. First installment is to be cleared on the very first day of the class and the second one, within 21 days from the batch commencement date.

No. Fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable at any case, as we assure best training quality at Ethans Tech. We do not let go of any of our valuable students and ensure to deliver the quality that meets one’s requirements and is worth it. Each one of you is important to us.

Yes, Obviously. It’s mandatory and your right to know everything regarding our institute before enrolling. We keep on conducting multiple free demo sessions on numerous technologies every week at all the respective branches of Ethans. It gives you awareness, knowledge, makes things crystal clear and also helps one to decide upon the technology he/she wishes to opt for.

As of now, Ethans has the presence at three locations in Pune (Pimple Saudagar/Kharadi/Baner) and in Noida as well. Looking forward to expanding gradually across India with all your support. Ethans has state-of-the-art-infrastructure that accelerates a pleasant and academically vigorous and stimulating environment for the students and the faculty.

Yes. Ethans renders Online training too. It’s a virtual and absolutely interactive training by the identical faculties that educate at our different branches with the help of a specific software which is best to intercommunicate online. You will be obtaining uniformly the same study material and assessment in online training as in the classroom. Educating yourself from Ethans Tech either by classroom or online means is the same, as the instructors don’t change. Now, it depends on the students, which mode to prefer based on their comfort levels.

Sorry. Although we have crowds coming from different states, we don’t have any such hostel or PG facility as of now, but yes, we help them in finding one for themselves near the institute as there are many good options available that a student can choose as per his/her convenience and reside comfortably.

On enrollment at Ethan’s Tech, you are provided with a flexi pass that avails eight months free re-joining option within the same branch and under the same trainer from the date of enrollment. We also provide online recorded sessions as backups. Options available for branch change with nominal charges as per the norms and regulations of the institute.

Yes, we are frequently engaged in corporate training being the market leader with a big pool of corporate trainers having a wide network with collaboration with several top MNC’S that ultimately becomes an add-on for placing our students with such references.

Basically, there are two ways of registering with Ethans Tech, Online and Offline. In terms of Online, you just need to visit the enrollment tab on your website – which will redirect you to the enrollment form, wherein you need to fill all your essential details and proceed further by paying Rs. 2000/- as the registration fees (inclusive of your standard course fees) For Offline admission, you can can contact and visit any of your nearest Ethans branch and carry out the further formalities under the guidance of the team at Ethans Desk.


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