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Angular JS


Angular JS Training in Pune

About the Course

EthansTech Provides expert training on Weekends and Weekdays on AngularJs4/5 + NodeJs and MEAN Stack

This course is expected to take two months with total 16 classes, each Angular JS class is having three-four hours training. It can take lesser time if the number of hours per day is increased. 50 hours class room program.

Duration: 50-60 hours class room program.
Prerequisites: Either Basics Java or DotNet. No pre requisite required for the angular js classes. Appreciate to have the basic knowledge of Java or DotNet programming language.  
Lab: 30 hours’ lab sessions + 54 plus exercises + 45 plus assignments (4 Mini Projects)

After the Angular JS classes: Students will easily crack AngularJs interview and have advance knowledge of AngularJs. Being a top-notch Angular JS classes in Pune, we help students in achieving fluency by getting along with them at every step.




Learn Angular JS from the Experts – the best

Angular JS classes in Pune

Syllabus - Course Content

1. Introduction to Angular2

Learning Objectives – In this module, you will get an overview of Javascript, JavaScript MVC pattern, Typescript and Angular2 introduction, and how to set up a basic Angular2 Project for development.

Topics Covered 

  1. Angular2 Version 5 vs Traditional development
  2. AngularJs1 vs AngularJs2 Version 5 
  3. Understanding JavaScript
  4. Understand JavaScript MVC
  5. What is Angular2 Version 5 
  6. Angular2 Architecture
  7. What is Typescript
  8. Prerequist for Angular2 Version 5 
  9. Angular2 dependencies
  10. Setup Angular2 project for development

2. Introduction to Typescript

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about the new concepts introduced in modern web development. Angular2 accepts and uses Typescript web development.

Topics Covered 

  1. Overview of ES5, ES6 and Typescript
  2. Typescript compilation to Java Script
  3. Typescript Basic concepts and Data Types
  4. Variable scopes and difference between Let and Var
  5. Anonymous and Fat Arrow Functions
  6. Difference between null and undefined

3. Components and Dependency Injection

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about the concepts behind web components and how to create them in Angular2. You can also learn how to share data and functionality between components.

Topics Covered 

  1. Creating Components
  2. Angular2 Architecture of SPA Apps
  3. Creating Components using Typescript
  4. Creating Multiple Components
  5. Dependency Injection
  6. Sharing data and functionality between components using services
  7. Using DOM and custom Events for data sharing

4. Routes, Inbuilt Directives and Pipes

Learning Objectives -In this module, you will learn how to use a client-side route in a SPA application as well as understand the different inbuilt functionalities of DOM manipulation in Angular2

Topics Covered

  1. Creating Routes
  2. Creating Nested Routes and application
  3. Inbuilt Directives and different application use cases
  4. Inbuilt Pipes and different application use cases

5.  Custom Directives and Pipes

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to create your own directives and pipes for DOM manipulation

Topics Covered 

  1. Creating custom Directives
  2. Creating custom Pipes
  3. Inbuilt Services like XHR requests

6. Third Party Modules and Testing

Learning Objectives - In this module, you can explore how to integrate your application with external libraries, explore options to upgrade your legacy AngularJS application, and testing your applications.

Topics Covered

  1. Using Libraries like JQuery, bootstrap.js, material, etc.
  2. What is Testing and Tools related to JS Testing
  3. Testing using Karma and Jasmine in Angular2
  4. Writing test cases in Jasmine and karma
  5. E2E application testing and Protractor introduction

7. Introduction to NodeJS, ExpressJs and REST Exposure

Learning Objectives - This module helps you get started with Node.js. You will understand why and how to use build systems like Grunt or Gulp. You will also learn how to use Yeoman for web project scaffolding and Bower for handling front end dependencies.

Topics Covered

  1. Installing Node.js
  2. Understanding Node Package Manager (NPM)
  3. Using Build systems e.g. Grunt and Gulp
  4. Using Yeoman for web project scaffolding
  5. Handling front end dependencies with Bower
  6. Introduction of ExpressJs

8. MongoDB and Live Project - Angular2 MEAN

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about MEAN Stack, basic CRUD commands, Mongoose ODM and handling GET, POST, PUT, DELETE Request.

Topics Covered

  1. Install MongoDB
  2. Basic CRUD commands in MongoDB
  3. Using Mongoose ODM
  4. Handling different REST/HTTP requests in a REST API
  5. Start Final Project

9. Live Project - Angular2 and MEAN



Testimonial for Angular JS Training:

Name: Prahi Patil

Review: Finally completed angularjs classes with Ethan's Tech. It was really good experience. Our trainer is great professional. He covered the entire topic smoothly and really helpful to understand each topic with best practice. I am very great full to learn Angulatjs with Ethan's Tech. I think it is best place for angular training.


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