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Perl Scripting


Perl Scripting Course Reviews

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About the Course

This course is expected to take one and half months with total 12 classes, each class is having three-four hours training. It can take lesser time if the number of hours per day is increased.

No pre requisite required for the classes . Appreciate to have the basic knowledge of any programming language.

Duration: 36 hours class room program, 7 Weekends
Prerequisites: No eligibility, course start right from installation 
After the classes: Students will easily crack Perl interview and have advance knowledge of Perl Scripting

Who get this training Perl?

  • Automation Engineers
  • Quality Analysts
  • System Administrator
  • Networking Professionals
  • Hadoop programmers
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Hardware level developers



• Need of Perl Scripts.
• Why to use Perl?
• Exploring Perl for Developers.
• Exploring Perl for testers/automation.
• Exploring Perl for System Administrator.
• Exploring Perl for web developers.
• First step to become a Perl expert.
• Live projects


• Write first hello world script in Perl.
• Post Mortem of Perl scripts.
• How to Store values?
• Scalar, Array, Associative arrays
• Arithmetic operations in Perl
• Basic scalar, array and hash functions.
• Context in Perl
• Assignments/Programs


• Introductions of Statements
• Introduction of loops.
• Default variables
• Variable scoping
• Control your loops
• Introductions of subroutines
• Assignments/Programs


• Basic I/O
• File I/O
Open /close a file
Reading from a file
Writing on to a file
• File handling library functions
• Directory Handlers
• Directory Manipulation Functions
• Assignments/Programs


• Regular Expressions
• Matching, Substitutions, Translations.
• Regular Expressions Wildcards
• Modifiers and Quantifiers
• Non Greedy Regular expressions
• Map and grep functions
• Assignments/Programs

Module 5

• BEGIN and END blocks
• Exceptions Handling in Perl
• Introductions of References
• Data Structures
• Signal handlers
• Environment variables
• Quotations

Module 6

• OOPS Concept
• Write your package in Perl.
• @INC, %INC Variables
• Use and require pragma
• Anonymous variables.
• Data Structure using Anonymous variables.
• Create a class constructor.
• Create an object of the class.

Module 7

• Exporter module
• Inheritance in Perl
• Sub packages
• CPAN module installation
• Use CPAN module
• Examples: DBI, spreadsheet, MIME etc
• Perl debugger

Module 8

• Some adhoc topics requested by students
• Modules/API’s which are supposed to cover.
• Like DBI, DBD, Excel, CSV, XML, LWP and so on..
• Live Project on Webscraping
(Assignment and Live Examples)
Real time examples with live project for Google finance data extractions using Perl Framework

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