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Machine Learning


Machine Learning Training in Pune

About the Course

Ethans training institute, Pune introduce you world class Machine Learning training in Pune (Pimple saudagar and Kharadi area). Our Machine Learning Training includes Python Programming, Machine Learning with Python.

  • Python & Machine Learning Training at Ethans Tech is providing by Jatin, Mitesh, Abhinandan, Nikhil, Kalpesh, Vikram and Ayush Sir at three different locations in Pune, i.e. Pimple Saudagar, Baner and Kharadi. All  trainers are working professional having average 10+ years of exp in IT. They have an average 4.5/5 star feedback by the students.  
  • Our Python and ML program consist, Python Foundation, DB Interface, Regular Ex, API Development, Webscrapping, Machine Learning Algos in details. For Details Syllabus visit our Syllabus tab.
  • This program expected to take 16-18 weekends with total 30 classes, each class is having three hours training. It can take lesser time if the number of hours per day is increased.
  • Duration: Duration of the program is 100 hours, consist weekdays and weekends classes.
  • Pre-requisites for Machine Learning Training: No prerequisites required to learn ML (This course is very useful for students).
  • Lab:  55 hours’ lab sessions + 6 mini projects are included in the program
  • Objective of this program is to provide 100% practical, interview and certification oriented training. It is expected that students will easily crack Python amd ML interview and have advance knowledge of ML algos.
  •  Lab: Execises on Python, Multiple Algorithims in ML

After the Machine Learning classes:

  • Students is confident in Python and ML, able to do projects indivisually.
  • Students will have good understanding on Python and Machine Learning, help them to crack interviews
  • Deep Learning Concepts are clear and ready towork indivisually

Who gets this machine learning training in pune?

  • Robotics Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analysts
  • Hadoop Developers
  • Python for Data Science
  • College Graduates



Learn Machine Learning from the Experts – the best

Machine Learning classes in Pune

Python Foundation Training

  • Python Core Objects and builtin functions
  • Number Object and operations
  • String Object and Operations
  • List Object and Operations
  • Tuple Object and operations
  • Dictionary Object and operations
  • Set object and operations
  • Boolean Object and None Object
  • Different data Structures, data processing

      Conditional Statements and Loops

  • What are conditional statements?
  • How to use the indentations for defining if, else, elif block
  • What are loops?
  • How to control the loops
  • How to iterate through the various object
  • Sequence and iterable objects

     UDF Functions and Object Functions

  • What are various type of functions
  • Create UDF functions
  • Parameterize UDF function, through named and unnamed parameters
  • Defining and calling Function
  • The anonymous Functions - Lambda Functions
  • String Object functions
  • List and Tuple Object functions
  • Dictionary Object functions

      File Handling with Python

  • Process text files using Python
  • Read/write and Append file object
  • File object functions
  • File pointer and seek the pointer
  • Truncate the file content and append data
  • File test operations using os.path

      Python Modules and Packages

  • Python inbuilt Modules
  • os, sys, datetime, time, random, zip modules
  • Create Python UDM – User Defined Modules
  • Create Python Packages
  • init File for package initialization

      Exceptional Handing and Object Oriented Python

  • Python Exceptions Handling
  • What is Exception?
  • Handling various exceptions using try....except...else
  • Try-finally clause
  • Argument of an Exception and create self exception class
  • Python Standard Exceptions
  • Raising an exceptions,    User-Defined Exceptions   
  • Object oriented features
  • Understand real world examples on OOP
  • Implement Object oriented with Python
  • Creating Classes and Objects,   Destroying Objects
  • Accessing attributes,   Built-In Class Attributes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Overriding Methods,   Data Hiding
  • Overloading Operators

     Debugging, Framework & Regular expression

  • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
  • Pycharm Debugger
  • Assert statement for debugging
  • Testing with Python using UnitTest Framework
  • What are regular expressions?
  • The match and search Function
  • Compile and matching
  • Matching vs searching
  • Search and Replace feature using RE
  • Extended Regular Expressions
  • Wildcard characters and work with them

     Database interaction with Python

  • Creating a Database with SQLite 3,
  • CRUD Operations,
  • Creating a Database Object.
  • Python MySQL Database Access
  • DML and DDL Operations with Databases
  • Performing Transactions
  • Handling Database Errors
  • Disconnecting Database

     Package Installation, Windows spreadsheet parsing and webpage scrapping

  • Install package using Pycharm
  • What is pip, easy_install  
  • Set up the environment to install packages?
  • Install packages for XLS interface and XLS parsing with Python
  • Create XLS reports with Python
  • Introduction to web scraping

Data Science / Machine Learning

  • SQL - Structured Query Language
  • Data Visualization - Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Cufflinks and Pandas in-built (Python Packages/Modules)
  • Data Analysis Using Python Modules- Numpy, Pandas
  • Machine Learning Algorithims
  • Supervised Learning Regression
  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Bias-Variance Trade-Off
  • Classification classification modeling
  • Logistic Regression
  • K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)
  • Simple Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Decision Trees o Ensemble Methods - Random Forest
  • Bagging
  • Boosting
  • AdaBoost
  • XGBoost
  • Unsupervised Learning Clustering
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • NLTK o NLP with NLTK
  • NLTK Extensions and Explorations
  • Sentiment Analyzer
  • Description of Sentiment Analyzer
  • Pre-processing: Tokenization
  • Pre-processing: Tokens to Vectors
  • Sentiment Analysis using Decision Tree
  • Sentiment Lexicons
  • Problems
  • Hackerrank (Python and Machine Learning)
  • Hackerearth (Python and Machine Learning)
  • GeeksForGeeks (Python)
  • Kaggle (Machine Learning)
  • Python Every Day Objective Test and Each Day Problem Statement as an assignment.


Testimonial for Machine Learning:

Name: Rishabh Gupta

Review: I did Machine Learning training from Ethan's Tech which was taken by Abinandan sir. Now, I have confidence of diving in Machine Learning world and not scared of mathsand Stats things that come along with it. I would definitely recommend for Machine Learning classes.


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