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Shell Scripting


This course is expected to take one and half months with total 12 classes including installation, each class is having three-four hours training. It can take lesser time if the number of hours per day is increased.

About the Course

No pre requisite required for the classes . Appreciate to have the basic knowledge of any programming language.

Duration: 30 hours class room program, 5 Weekends
Prerequisites: No eligibility, course start right from installation 
Lab: 30 hours’ lab sessions + 25 plus exercises + Assignments

Who get this training, Shell Scripting?

  • Automation Engineers
  • Database Developer
  • Informatica Developers
  • Quality Analysts
  • DevOps
  • System Administrator
  • Networking Professionals
  • Hadoop programmers
  • Hardware level developers



• Guide on Linux Red Hat installation.
• First step to become a UNIX expert.
• Live projects


• Understand the architecture of UNIX.
• Understanding the basics of UNIX
• File Systems for synchronize storage of files
• Details explanation of file attributes
• Basic commands and concepts
• Command Manuals
• Relative and Absolute Paths
• Environment variables
• Understand parent-child relationship of process and jobs
• Basic of editor: vi
-• Module 1 Assignments


• Shell Introduction
• Advantages of the Shell
• Executing shell commands
• Different types of shell
• What is shell Scripting?
• Writing basics shell scripts
• Interpolation, Types of variables, Operators, read variables, exit status etc
• Common commands used in shell script: substitution, quoting, flow controls, parameters, Shell initialization files, Quoting characters, Shell expansion, Aliases
• Shell scripting execution
• Module 2 Assignments


• Special Variables and Parameters
• Function Introduction
• Understand how functions use as independent building blocks
• Scope of variable in functions - local & global
• Input/output redirection
• Variables substitution in shell
• Connect to third party application like: Oracle, FTP etc.
• HERE documents
• Regular Expressions in detail (use grep, awk, sed)
• Industry experience sample scripts debugging
• Standard process of writing shell scripts as per company standards.
• Module 3 Assignments


• Important commands and utilities like cut, sort, uniq, grep, find, awk, sed etc
• nohup and backend processes
• Signals handling and trapping
• SED Utility in detail
• GREP Utility in detail
• FIND Utility in detail
• AWK utility in detail
• Famous and often use cases with one liner examples
• Module 4 Assignments


• Assigning values to positional parameters
• Compress and archive the files
• Debug your shell Scripts
• Crontab and at utilities for job scheduling
• Job scheduling third party tools discussion

Additional Benefits:

• We provide real time scenarios examples, how to work in real time projects
• We guide for resume preparation by giving sample resume
• Will give you 2 POC (proof Of Concept) with Data set so that you can practice before going for interview
• In 5 weeks training we provide study material’s soft copy and hard copy in classroom itself
• We provide hands –on in class room itself so that you can understand concepts 100%
• We give assignments for weekdays practice