How to Learn Data Science in 2021?

How to Learn Data Science in 2021

Roadmap to Learn Data Science

Learning data science is a must these days if you want to survive in the present era of ultimate competition. To learn data science you have to devote at least 2-3 hours per day and practice as much as you can. For this, you can take assistance from your friends and senior members who have recently learned data science. Also, you can join an online course in data science to boost your relevant skills and knowledge and develop new ones in the process to become a successful data scientist.

Moreover, you can join online communities, groups, and forums so that you can get cleared on your doubts pertaining to data science. These online groups and forums have numerous active members that are ready to resolve your doubts in real-time. As a data science aspirant, you can also take up a project and try to complete it within the given deadline; by doing a project you will get doubts that are a must to clear the data science concepts. When you are doing all these or a combination of these, you will find yourself learning data science at a faster pace.

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How to Learn Data Science from Scratch?

Learning data science from scratch might seem a difficult task but to be honest it is not that hard! You need to show your eagerness to learn this domain and you will find that your interest is increasing day-by-day. Once your interest is increasing you will find that you are delving deeper into this niche and understanding the basics and advanced theories of data science in a better way.

You might think at times that possession of technical knowledge is a must to learn data science but that’s a myth. Data science platforms such as Python entirely depend on mathematics and English; so if you are willing to polish your basic math skills and English then you are already on the way to become a great data scientist. Anyone can learn data science and become a data scientist to assist an industry; data scientist is the hottest job according to Forbes and when you have basic or intermediate level knowledge in this niche, public and private sector enterprises will welcome you with open arms and hearts.

To learn data science from scratch you will have to follow a few points.

So, here are the 5 best ways to learn data science:

1. Learn the basics of Python:

Learning Python is one of the most pivotal stepping stones towards learning data science. Python is one of the easiest programming languages in the market and learning it only requires a strong foundation in math and English as the syntax of Python is quite easy to comprehend. Once you are a beginner-level Python developer; hone your skills more to become an advanced-level coder.

2. Learn Math and Statistics:

Data science is the art of finding patterns and turning data into actionable and useful insights so knowledge of maths and statistics is a must. Many aspirants and candidates think that they can skip this step but that’s not true. Polish your math and statistical skills to explore how an algorithm works and know the secrets of data distribution and become an amazing data scientist.

3. Study Machine Learning:

If you are taking machine learning training in Pune then you are on the way to become a data science professional.  Machine learning is the process where we make a machine (especially a computer) to learn heuristically; for that, we expose machines to patterns (regular and complex) and by rigorously doing so a machine tends to learn automatically. Study machine learning online or buy books to start developing ML skills.

4. Do Projects:

Taking up data science projects is one of the best and most effective ways to learn data science. You can do a project with a fellow member who is also learning data science and make the entire process more interesting. Practice as much as you can and devote several hours a day to learn data science. Post your doubts online or take assistance from data science professionals and get your doubts cleared as soon as possible.

5. Join an Online Course:

Joining an online data science course in pune is very good for learning data science from scratch. An online course has mentors and instructors who are dedicated to impart knowledge based on their experience and make you learn everything there’s to know about data science. They take the learning to another level by rendering the best hands-on experience that goes beyond the typical classroom approach. A few of these online courses have placement assistance that is beneficial and comes in handy when you are looking to start a career in data science.

Why You Should Learn Data Science

If you want to work with your dream organization, build a name for yourself, and make your friends and family members proud then you must learn data science. Additionally, you should do it for yourself because learning data science will provide you with the best existing jobs in the world. Top HRs and recruiters are looking constantly for great and skilled data scientists to join their respective organizations.

Another reason to learn data science is that the salary of a data scientist is way higher than any other similar domain. After learning data science you can join an MNC or a start-up and exhibit your skills to become a contributing part of that organization.

Here are the top 5 benefits of learning data science:

  • Better remuneration: The salary or CTC of a data scientist is better than others professionals of a similar domain. According to Payscale, the average income of a data scientist is Rs. 71278 per annum.
  • Recession-proof career: The demand for skilled data scientists is too much and the present trend is here to stay. The skills never go out of fashion and an aspirant relishes the perks of having a secured future by learning data science.
  • Interesting job role: The job role of a data scientist is filled with several interesting and challenging opportunities and it makes an aspirant learn something new every day which is rare in other domains. Companies reach out to data scientists for any business-related problems due to their decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Work anywhere in the world: If your dream is to work abroad then you must learn data science. It not only has huge demand in India but countries like UK, USA, Germany, and France also need skilled data scientists to join their top-notch organizations.
  • Become an entrepreneur:  By learning data science you can become an entrepreneur and give jobs to others instead of looking for one. For that, you need to have a unique idea and data science can help you think of that. Once you have that idea you can start a business of your own and revolutionize industries with your skills.

Data Science Languages to Learn

Data science is a broad niche and there are numerous languages to learn in this domain. An aspiring data scientist must master and learn at least 2 programming languages in this domain and this will become a crucial tool to realize various data science functions and their applications in real life. Learning these data science languages will also help you grow in your career; you will reach better job positions quicker than your contemporaries.

For example, if you know 2 languages in data science then you will become a project manager of an organization in 5-6 years whereas your peer might take at least 10 years to reach a similar or same job position.

So, here are the top 6 programming languages for a data scientist to learn:

    • R
    • Scala
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Julia
    • JavaScript

What We Learn In Data Science

Data science is an amalgamation of math, tools, algorithms, machine learning techniques, and business acumen to find out patterns and help an organization efficiently reach its business goals. They convert data into useful knowledge and information and get involved in major business-related decisions.

In the realm of data science, an aspirant has to deal with the objects of structured and unstructured data. The algorithms in data science also involve predictive analytics and their huge scope in businesses. In short, data science is all about analyzing past data to know the present and predict the future. Machine learning, Big Data, and Statistics, and Business Intelligence are inseparable parts of data science and to learn this particular niche one has to be proficient in all these aforementioned branches of study.

Who Can Learn Data Science

Truth be told, anyone who is willing to take charge of their future and enjoy a prosperous career can learn data science. A recently passed 12th student, a postgraduate student, and working professional, entrepreneurs can learn data science and increase their knowledge and boost relevant skills. Data science has quickly become a modern tool for survival as more enterprises these days rely on data and their usage in an organization to reach long and short-term goals.

Now, see who can learn data science in brief:

1. 12th passed Students: Students who have cleared their 12th standard can go for a bachelor’s degree in data science. Join a reputed college or a university so that your degree has value in the present market.

2. Graduate Students: A graduate student can apply for a master’s degree if they are willing to expand their knowledge in data science. A graduate can also do an internship in an organization to get a better experience of this niche.

3. Postgraduate Students & Working Professionals: A postgraduate student and a working professional can go for an online course in data science to get a valuable certification. This type of certification boosts employability as well as credibility and your chances of cracking a complex interview increases manifold.

4. Entrepreneurs:  An entrepreneur who wants to expand their range of services and products can learn data science. By learning this, an entrepreneur will have more and better knowledge of business aspects and they can process data into actionable insights. Learning data science can also help them in finding patterns in a business and eliminate competition.

What Are the Prerequisites to Learn Data Science?

Anyone can learn data science but if you possess the following skills or prerequisites then the journey becomes a lot smoother. Did you know – there is a 29% increase in demand year over year for skilled data scientists and an overall 344% increase since 2013, which is more than any other niche? If you have the ability to analyze vast chunks of data, if you are good at math and statistics, if you are willing to transform your career then no one can stop you from learning data science.

Now let us see the 5 prerequisites to learn data science:

1. Understanding Data: Understanding data is the first and foremost prerequisite to learn data science. You must love data and know, how to process it if you are willing to become an amazing data scientist.

2. Knowledge of algorithms: Algorithm knowledge is another prerequisite to learning data science. As this involves finding complex patterns one must know the basics and advanced theories of algorithms.

3. Programming basics: An aspiring data scientist must know the programming basics of R, Python, and Scala. They must also know the basics of database queries such as SQL to help connect databases with the given data.

4. Business Knowledge: Possession of business knowledge is a must prerequisite to learn data science. A data scientist must know how departments work within an organization and they should also know how to help an organization reach its actual goals via business acumen.

5. Understanding of Statistics: A prospect data scientist must know and understand various concepts of statistics if they want to excel in this domain. No one can skip the concepts of mean, median, distribution, probability, variance, and mode to become a skilled data scientist.

Data Science Course Learning Outcomes

The outcome of learning data science is that you can make your dreams come alive. You can work with your favorite organization and enjoy a prosperous career by having a higher CTC than others. Take part in the business activities of an organization and help them solve real-world problems with data. Find complex patterns and extrapolate them via converting data into insights. Aspirants will demonstrate data management and exhibit proficiency with statistical analysis of data. Last, but not least, the aspiring data scientists will have the ability to build and develop data-based models for various types of assessments.

Best Books to Learn Data Science

Books are our best friend! To study data science one can take the help of books that are popular and have helped myriads of aspirants. Data science books will help you to clear the doubts and fortify your concepts. You can also take the assistance of books if you are stuck with any data science-related issue. Books always come in handy when you can’t take help from any other resource and want the answer to a problem on a real-time basis.

So, here are the 5 best books to learn data science:

    • An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R by Trevor Hastie
    • The Elements of Statistical Learning by Trevor Hastie
    • Python Data Science Handbook: Essential Tools for Working with Data by Jack VanderPlas
    • Deep Learning by Yoshua Bengio
    • Advanced R by Wickham Hadley

Best Website for Learning Data Science

An online website is also another great way to learn data science. Data science websites and the blogs in them are written by influential data scientists so you can rely on them for gaining knowledge. Also, thanks to modern technologies you can access a website any time via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and gain knowledge with ease.

So, without any further ado, let us see the top 7 websites for learning data science: 

    • Flowingdata
    • The Open Source Data Science Masters
    • Machine Learning Mastery
    • Data Science Weekly
    • Papers With Code
    • Simply Statistic
    • Kaggle

How Much Time Is Required To Learn Data Science?

There are 3 levels of learning data science and they are Basic level, intermediate level, and professional level. These aforementioned levels will require different times to achieve the goal; so, it is highly recommended to spend at least 2-4 hours per day and practice as much as you can. Practicing will help you clear the doubts and assist you to build concepts around data science.

Now, let us see the time required to learn data science to achieve a different type of proficiency levels:

Basic Level: 4-8 weeks.

Intermediate Level: 1-2 years

Professional Level: 3+ years

Learning Data Science Related FAQs

Learning data science might have numerous FAQs in the minds of aspirants such as: Am I the right candidate to learn data science? What will I do after learning data science? What will be the salary after completing data science? Will I be able to work in an MNC? Do I need certification in data science? All these and more FAQs will get answered with time.

At the initial level, you must focus on gaining relevant data science skills and become proficient in this realm. Once you are well-versed with the basics of data science you can start with an internship or a job and learn more in the process. Practice more and get your doubts cleared by mentors, instructors, working professionals, and senior members.

1. Should I Learn Data Science?

Yes, you should learn data science if you want to take your career to a whole new level. If you want to become an entrepreneur data science will be useful as it will boost your business intelligence and acumen. Learn data science and become a valuable asset to your organization.

2. Can Anyone Learn Data Science?

Yes, anyone can learn data science; it doesn’t matter you possess a technical or non-technical background. The technical background will help you learn faster though but if you belong from a non-technical background but you possess sound knowledge of maths and statistics then you can also learn data science quite effectively. Practice well and do projects and clear your doubts in the process to learn data science.

3. Can I Learn Data Science On My Own?

Yes, you can learn data science on your own; but you only attain basic to intermediate level knowledge. If you want to become a professional-level data scientist then you must enroll at a professional data science training center where industry pioneers will teach you the concepts of data science. These professional training institutes also give certification once you have successfully completed the course along with the allocated projects.

4. Can I Learn Data Science Online?

You can learn data science online via data science blogs/articles, online forums, communities, and groups. Take online assistance from your friends, seniors, and working professionals by building a great network. Ask them doubts and get it cleared quickly. Follow data science influencers on LinkedIn and read the posts they share on their timeline.

5. Can Mechanical Engineer Learn Data Science?

Yes, mechanical engineers can learn data science too. As a data science aspirant, you must focus on building strong concepts and practice more than others. Take-up a project and try to complete it on your own; if you are stuck then you can take help from Google or any other platform including data science books.

6. Can Non-IT Person Learn Data Science?

Yes, non-IT persons can learn data science. Candidates think that they must have technical or IT background to learn data science but that’s a myth! If your mathematics is strong and you are very good with statistical data then you can learn data science quickly than others. So, focus on the skills required to become a great data scientist and forget about having an IT background.

7. Is Learning Data Science Easy?

Learning data science is easy if you are good at math and possess business knowledge but if you don’t have any of these then also learning data science is easy; you just have to keep moving forward that’s it; never let any obstacle demotivate you. Focus on honing your mathematical skills and business acumen if you want to learn data science within 7-8 weeks. Practice at least 2-3 hours per day and read as many blogs/articles as you can.

8. Can Commerce Student Learn Data Science?

Yes, commerce students can learn data science too. They need to focus on gathering all the relevant skills in data science that has huge demand in the market. Learn Python or R and polish your theoretical and practical skills to learn data science. Read books and take assistance from working professionals who are already working in this particular domain.

So, now you know how to learn data science in 2021. Forget everything and focus on learning and your career. Think about how you can learn data science quickly and more effectively. Practice 2-4 hours per day and never forget to ask doubts. Clear them quickly by taking help from anyone! Read books and browse websites to study data science from blogs and articles. Build a strong network and ask them to recommend you in their respective organizations if they have any relevant job vacancies.

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