Is AWS the future of Cloud Computing?

Is AWS the Future of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has become an indispensable part of businesses across all the industries in recent times. AWS is a comprehensive, accessible computing platform offered by Amazon.

Let’s start by understanding the concept of Cloud computing. It is a term used for storing and accessing data over the internet, without the need of storing data on your personal computer. In cloud computing, you can access all of your data from a remote server. Back in the early years of 2000, businesses used to rely on purchased servers. Those servers had limited functionality, needed many validations and results in higher prices. With the expansion in businesses, more servers and optimization practices were needed, which proved inefficient, and, expensive. The utilization of cloud computing solved many of these problems.

AWS or as we know it, Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive, evolving amazon’s cloud computing platform. It can be defined as a mixture of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

Organizations with the implementation of AWS have instant servers availability, increased storage options, and enhanced security measures. There are over 160 cloud services available on AWS that can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis. These services, by category, include: Data management, Migration, Monitoring, Security, Development tools, Hybrid cloud, Storage databases, Security, Mobile development, Artificial Intelligence, Big data management to name a few.

Future of AWS

Most of the startups in India use AWS. It’s not even a conscious thought out decision. It is cheap and flexible with very less running time required, making it a natural choice.

Amazon has an enormous advantage of early lead in the race. Amazon knows the platform services game better than its competitors, and they can easily build these over AWS for several markets. Acc to a trainer at AWS training Pune, AWS has been launching many features from streaming tools to data mining and intelligence. These features along with the infrastructure and basic services, makes AWS more and more attractive to any organization looking to move to cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Right now, Amazon is an established leader in cloud services (especially laas) with a market share of around 37%. According to a study, the demand towards IaaS solutions is going to grow and is expected to reach $71.55 billion by 2021. The cloud computing market is expanding more and more in the Industries such as retail, healthcare, education and so on. Most of the sectors are adopting the Cloud at a rapid rate.

In just a decade time-period, AWS is now a nearly $12 billion business in terms of annual revenue. This huge scale allows frequent price cuts, roll out of more features, and geographical expansions which help to keep existing customers tied up to their services and bring new customers also. There’s ample competition by companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM etc. but none of the company has done more to create feature-rich bundles of services for the cloud than Amazon. Here Amazon has led the way with the advantage of being ahead of the competition by 10 years. With the soaring demand for accessible, well-functioning cloud services growing, the future looks very bright for both the innovations in technology, and the ability for businesses to leverage them.

Cloud infrastructure revenue

The Server-less Cloud is a game changer for architects and developers, allowing them to scale application with a minimum of effort. Going Forward, AWS classes in Pune, believe that Amazon AWS is going to strengthen its position further, and will become even more crucial for Industries across the globe. In the coming years, it can be expected that Amazon’s online retail and e-commerce business will continue to grow, but it is quite safe to say that AWS will soon surpass it. We really don’t know what will happen in the future, but we can make a safe bet at: Amazon is one of the best long-term investments one can possibly think of.

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