15 Job-Oriented Short Term Certificate Courses Which are In-Demand in 2022

Job-Oriented Short Term Certificate Courses

Looking for Job-Oriented Short Term Certificate Courses?

It’s difficult to find work in this economy. According to a poll from the past two years, India’s average unemployment rate is 9.21%, thus there is severe competition in every field. However, many career counsellors claim that finding a job in India that pays a steady wage is not a particularly difficult task. The market has a high need for seasoned professionals with a certain set of talents. Nowadays, businesses are more interested in recruiting people based on their skill sets than their academic backgrounds. 

Short-term courses that are focused on getting you a job help you stand out from the crowd by giving you the newest abilities. With the market’s abundance of high-paying professions, you can easily choose the finest career. 

You have more influence over your learning process with job-oriented courses because you get to pick the ones you want to take. Real-world projects are included in short courses from reputable institutions so that you can get experience and open up more and more employment options. 

Let’s find out more about the quick courses. 

List of 15 Short-Term Certification Programs That Are Job-Oriented 

If you have the necessary qualifications, there are plenty of high-paying employment available in the market for you. The greatest alternative for people who wish to acquire the necessary in-demand talent quickly is to take short-term job-oriented courses. By encouraging you to develop your professional skills, these courses assist you in climbing the career ladder. 

The primary challenge is choosing the best course that can provide you the promised results because there are many courses on the market. We have covered a few of them below. 

Here are some quick courses that will help you find work in 2022: 

  1. Short-term certificate programme in Python

For a while now, Python has been among the most used programming languages. In 2022 and beyond, it appears that the pattern will remain unchanged. 

Python is a high level, general-purpose programming language that is used extensively all over the world. Python is regarded as one of the easiest languages because of its straightforward

syntax, which is similar to English. Its goal is to assist programmers in creating logical, understandable code for both small- and large-scale projects. It is simple to utilise as a fundamental language for emerging technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, etc. due to its flexibility. 

  • What advantages does a short-term certification programme in Python offer?
  • Python’s closeness to the English language makes it simple to use and comprehend, which is one of its biggest advantages. It is a high-level language that can translate English-written code into low-level language, giving the user outstanding readability.
  • Huge Support Libraries: Python comes with a variety of built-in libraries, and the standard library contains scripts for the majority of programming jobs. The performance of the applications and the amount of code that must be written both significantly benefit from the use of these libraries.
  • Huge Support Libraries: Python comes with a variety of built-in libraries, and the standard library contains scripts for the majority of programming jobs. The performance of the applications and the amount of code that must be written both significantly benefit from the use of these libraries.
  • An open-source language is one that is developed by a community of engineers from across the world through mailing lists and conferences. Different modules can be modified by developers to suit their needs.
  • Extensibility and Portability: Because Python is a platform-independent language, webpages created with it are compatible with all operating systems. Additionally, Python’s ability to do cross-language tasks makes it adaptable to a wide range of computer languages.
  • Who should think about taking a Python short-term certification course?

Python enables rapid coding. With few lines of code, complex applications can be created. Anyone interested in a career in coding can enrol in the Python Short Term course in Pune. The course might give you the chance to make the most of the knowledge you will acquire to gain more in the way of pay checks and professional chances. 

  1. Short-term Certification Program in Data Science

Data science is the in-depth analysis of enormous amounts of data using tools and algorithms to derive valuable insights. The hardest job in the 21st century is data science. Every firm wants to use data science knowledge to create forecasts and judgments that will enable them to expand more quickly and significantly. 

Data scientists find hidden patterns to glean insights from enormous amounts of raw data. The greatest solutions, which are essential for the organization’s growth and development, are discovered using the most recent technology. Organizations are investing a significant amount of time and money in the developing subject of data science in order to achieve faster growth.

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in data science offer?
  • Job Titles That Fit You: Data Science has spawned a wide variety of job titles. You can select from a variety of designations after completing the course, including Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Analytics Manager, Big Data Engineer, etc.
  • Paying positions: Not just in IT, but in practically every industry, data science has led to the creation of several job titles. Jobs in data science can pay well, especially when compared to IT sector salary.
  • Job searching is simple: The market is in need of more data science personnel than there are available. According to surveys, it is one of the careers with the fastest growth. ● Improved career prospects It is one of the most promising jobs, with the Top Tech Giants looking for Data Experts.
  • Who should consider a short-term certification in data science?

In the unique and fascinating discipline of data science, you can simultaneously engage with math, statistics, algebra, coding, analysis, and research. One should chose data Science Course in Pune with Placement. This work can be so much fun if you enjoy discovering new trends with data. It is one of the market’s hottest jobs due to the large pay packages. 

  1. Course for Short-Term Certification in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technique for giving a computer, a robot that is controlled by a computer, or a piece of software the ability to think and function like intelligent humans. The term “artificial intelligence” is frequently used to refer to cognitive activities like learning and problem-solving carried out by machines. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in artificial intelligence offer? Different fields can make use of artificial intelligence. Certain of them are
  • NASA employs AI to plan the maintenance of the space shuttle as well as to control vehicles and robots that are located in remote locations.
  • Robotics: AI is applied to verbal communication, learning and planning, and motor control.
  • Engineer: Used in problem diagnosis, intelligent design assistance, and professional configuration tools.
  • Marketing: By using relevant and targeted marketing, AI is used to increase the attrition rate of clients.
  • Who should consider taking a short-term certification course in artificial intelligence?

For anyone looking for an alternative job with a lot of potential in the future, this AI & ML course in Pune is ideal. This is the in-demand profession that offers benefits and career highs and is here to stay. 

  1. Short-Term Certification Course for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft launched Microsoft Azure, a collection of ever-expanding cloud computing services. Through Microsoft-managed worldwide data centres, it is utilised for the development, management, deployment, and testing of applications and services. Azure is expanding very quickly, with a yearly growth rate of over 100%. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in Microsoft Azure offer?
  • Increased compensation: A Business Wire poll found that having a Microsoft Azure Certification can increase salaries by 20% to 40%.
  • Important Resource for the Organization: Certifications serve as evidence of a person’s subject-matter knowledge. You will be important to the firm given the growing demand for Azure specialists.
  • Career Development: Azure experts are in demand from all types of businesses, large and small. Your chance to compete for a job at Fortune 500 businesses may be the Microsoft Azure course.
  • In cloud computing, the lion’s share is: Azure has overtaken AWS as the largest commercial cloud provider, with a user base that is sizable compared to AWS.
  • Who should think about taking the Microsoft Azure Short Term certification course?

The growth of Microsoft Azure is outpacing that of all other cloud services. With the Microsoft Azure courses in Pune, you may be able to advance your profession more quickly and earn larger salaries. The career chances for Azure experts will be better than ever with a yearly growth rate of more than 100%. 

  1. Short-term certification programme for AWS training

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a widely used, dynamic cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. To its tens of millions of customers globally, it provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. 

By offering more than 160 cloud services on a pay-as-you-go basis, AWS enables its customers to be more flexible at lower costs. The strategy helps businesses innovate more quickly. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification course in AWS training offer?
  • More Job Opportunities: As more businesses migrate to the cloud, the number of employment for AWS specialists has multiplied.
  • High need for AWS specialists Due to its rapid expansion, AWS is constantly in need of AWS specialists.
  • Better Pay: AWS gives your CV a competitive edge that may help you land a job with higher pay rates.
  • Cloud Computing Is the Future: As more businesses invest in cloud computing, career opportunities will increase.
  • Who should consider the short-term AWS Certification certification course?

AWS Training in Pune will give an edge to the CV for better career possibilities and enticing compensation packages in a world where cloud computing has taken over or is taking over most enterprises. 

  1. Short-term Certification Program for Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service that Google provides for the integration and development of applications. It is made up of virtual and physical assets that are housed in data centres all around the world. 

Using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), businesses can cut down on the infrastructure costs associated with maintaining their apps. Businesses may satisfy the changing and varied expectations of their clients with less maintenance and improved manageability, creating better prospects. 

  • What advantages does a short-term certification programme in Google Cloud provide?
  • Change the course of cloud computing: By accepting a position as a cloud technical advisor, you will be one of the select few able to influence the direction of cloud computing.
  • Getting ready for the future: The course will assist you in becoming ready for the impending trend that is now dominating in the IT industry, given the rising popularity of cloud computing.
  • More initiatives: With a better understanding of cloud computing, additional job opportunities will become available to you, increasing your opportunities for career diversification.
  • Who may want to look into the Google Cloud Short Term certification programme?

Professionals who wish to be prepared for the next trend in the job market should take this course. You can prepare for certifications that will help you become a certified expert in the field of cloud computing by taking a Google Cloud Computing course in Pune. 

  1. Short-term Selenium Certification Course

Jason Huggins created the open-source Selenium framework, which is used for automated testing. It supports verifying web apps across many platforms without even understanding test scripting language. The automation of web-based applications is its main focus. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification course in selenium offer?
  • Make yourself stand out from the crowd by taking a selenium course, which can provide you with a thorough understanding of selenium testing.
  • Highlight on resume: Practical experience with the Automation Framework may serve as the resume’s main draw.
  • Test Automation Jobs: Selenium is used for test automation by many large firms throughout the world.
  • Who should consider the short-term Selenium certification course?

Professionals interested in a job in automated web application testing should take a selenium course in Pune. Selenium is gaining popularity in the software testing industry since it is more advantageous than other paid products like HP UTF/QTP. 

  1. Short-term certification programme for RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a sophisticated type of process automation that can record human actions and subsequently carry out those actions without the need for human intervention. The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) employees is the foundation of RPA. 

Robotic process automation aims to replace humans with a virtual workforce to handle all the tedious, repetitive jobs with greater speed and precision. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in RPA offer?
  • Numerous employment opportunities: If you spend the time and effort into the RPA course, you will have an advantage over your peers. For competent RPA professionals, there are several career opportunities in the market.
  • No-obsolete career: Due to the high rate of automation, many individuals are losing their work. Choose the future rather than a career that will ultimately be obsolete. ● Flexibility: You will have the independence and flexibility to choose the industry you want to work in thanks to the hiring of RPA professionals by industries like healthcare, accounting, and human resources.
  • Who should think about the RPA Short Term Certification Course?

For individuals who wish to select the future, the RPA Certification course in Pune is excellent. Cross-industry careers may also be possible with a robotic process automation course. The

RPA training in Pune is the first step to becoming a Process Automation Specialist, RPA Manager, Digital Media coordinator, or RPA Developer, to mention a few. 

  1. Short-term certification programme in DevOps

Combining software development (Dev) and IT operations is the practise known as “DevOps” (Ops). The concept denotes collaboration and coordination between formerly separate fields. The notion of collaboration, communication, and sharing amongst the organization’s traditionally compartmentalised departments is incorporated into DevOps. DevOps procedures include a change in an organization’s culture. 

Shortening the systems development life cycle and offering continuous, high-quality software delivery are the main goals of DevOps. Continuous integration, monitoring, and delivery are at the heart of DevOps, and a quick feedback loop helps the process become more effective. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in DevOps offer?
  • High impact career: By 2023, the global devops market is predicted to grow to a staggering $9.40 billion. It’s safe to conclude that now is the ideal moment to learn about DevOps as evidenced by recent studies like this one reveals that it will play a big and high impact role for the foreseeable future.
  • enormous opportunities The number of businesses using DevOps teams is enormous. All businesses, from well-known MNCs like Accenture and Infosys to start-ups like Zomato and Paytm, have sizable DevOps teams.
  • Big Paychecks: DevOps is listed as one of the best-paying IT specialties, earning more than cloud computing and data science combined. Professionals in DevOps are given generous compensation packages.
  • Who should think about taking the DevOps Short Term Certification Course?

The term “DevOps” is used in job searches all over the place due to the high demand for DevOps specialists. DevOps course in Pune is an excellent option for professionals who are willing to put in the effort to stay current with developments that will undoubtedly translate into huge, fat paychecks with bright future prospects. 

  1. Short-term certification programme for machine learning

The study of computer algorithms that develop naturally without human involvement is known as machine learning (ML). In other words, through analysis, observation, and experience, machine learning enabled computers to handle novel circumstances. 

  • Traditional programming: Data + Program (Logic), execute on computer to produce output
  • Data + Output are processed by a machine, and the machine then develops its own programme (Logic)

Applications for machine learning algorithms include voice recognition, email filtering, social networking platforms, and many others. ML is a very forward-thinking area of study. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in machine learning offer?

Machine learning is becoming more and more applicable to many industries. Experts in machine learning are attempting to alter the future in a number of fields, including 

  • Robotics: With the use of ML and AI, researchers were able to create Sophia, an AI-powered robot. Experts from all across the world are collaborating to create robots that can successfully and correctly copy the human brain.
  • Automotive industry: Major players in the ML space include Tesla, Google, and Nissan. Self-driving automobiles use ML, IoT, voice recognition, and other technologies. ● Due to the market’s supply and demand imbalance, machine learning offers specialists a rewarding career with better wages.
  • Who should consider a short-term certification in machine learning?

A machine learning education can give professionals the chance to enter a field where they can produce truly extraordinary things. ML certification training in Pune with Placement can assist you in broadening your knowledge base and validating your abilities and diligence. 

  1. Short-Term Salesforce Certification Program

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud-based software Salesforce was first introduced (CRM). As a Software as a Service (SaaS) business at first, Salesforce has developed into the fifth-largest software corporation in the world. Salesforce assists businesses in removing time-consuming installation procedures and moving online. For the organisations, this results in a fraction of the cost while saving millions of dollars and months or years of work. You can focus on innovation rather than creating the infrastructure and tools thanks to Salesforce’s convenience. 

Salesforce unites businesses and clients on a single, integrated CRM platform. It gives every department in the company access to a single shared view, which speeds up decision-making. Salesforce provides various benefits, including easy interaction with other programmes from third parties, availability in the cloud, which makes it available from anywhere, and scalability to meet the demands of the business. 

  • What advantages can a short-term Salesforce certification course offer?
  • Work with the best: With a 19.7% market share, Salesforce is the market leader in CRM. In the race for customers, all the other businesses are far behind. You will have the chance to work with the greatest CRM vendors thanks to this certification.
  • Demand Has Grown: As more businesses switch to Salesforce, demand for SF professionals has multiplied.
  • Highest Average Income: Of all the valuable skill positions, Salesforce Architect has the highest average salary, according to a Business Insider research.
  • profession of choice: It provides you with the chance to enter the industry of your choice because it is used in practically every field. Companies like American Express, Obama for America, Coca-Cola, Sony, etc. use Salesforce.
  • Who should think about taking the Salesforce Short Term certification course?

A recommended course for professionals interested in this growing technology is the Salesforce Certification course in Pune. Salesforce, a market leader in cloud computing, is rapidly expanding its employee base and offering a wide range of professions, some of which have the highest average salaries on the market. 

  1. Short-term IoT certification programme

The internet of things, or IoT, is a network of connected computers, digital machines, and physical items that can gather and distribute data completely independently of human intervention. These items, or “things,” have sensors or software built into them so they can link to other systems and devices online and exchange data with them. Any object that can facilitate the expansion of internet connectivity can be considered an IoT device. These gadgets might range from simple household items to complex industrial machinery. When we are not physically present, IoT devices can act as our eyes and ears. 

IoT may give good automation and control, which can save a lot of time and energy, providing organisations with countless options in the years to come. Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue lamps, Nest smoke alarms, Smart Lock, etc. are a few of the well-known examples of IoT products. IoT will have a significant impact on the course and future of humanity. 

  • What advantages do IoT short term certification courses offer?
  • IoT is currently a popular trending issue in technology. It was originally recognised as a distinct technology in 1999, and since then, growth has been constant.
  • Impact on humanity: Automation, when combined with IoT and other technologies like ML and AI, has the potential to change the course of humankind. Your entry point into a career in automation may be this course.
  • Multiple Jobs: According to, India has a sizable market for IoT jobs, with about 117,114 available.
  • Salary: An IoT developer typically makes around 850k per year, which is a competitive starting compensation for a new employee.
  • Who should think about an IoT short-term certification course?

IoT has gained a lot of traction and become a dominant technology all over the world. It has a vast potential for automation. According to a research, there are now more Internet of Things devices than there are people on the earth. With so much activity in the IoT sector, employment will continue to grow over time. The need for IoT specialists has already multiplied. 

  1. Short-term certification programme in digital marketing

Internet-based advertising that uses digital platforms and media to promote goods and services is known as digital marketing. Connecting with customers through social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and other methods is a vast industry. 

Digital marketing has become crucial for a business to even thrive as more and more consumers choose to use their digital gadgets instead of going to physical stores. Nowadays, every company, regardless of size, has a digital presence. People heavily rely on digital marketing and content to learn about companies and brands. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in digital marketing offer?
  • Professional Blogger: If you enjoy writing, you can consider becoming a professional blogger, where you could earn well-paying wages while doing what you like. ● Online career opportunities: By creating their own brands in a certain sector, many digital marketers have turned into social influencers.
  • Earn with affiliate marketing: By creating your own website or app, you can earn well with affiliate marketing.
  • Employment as a trainer: For those with a strong desire to teach, becoming a digital marketing trainer following the course will allow you to spread your expertise with others.
  • Who should consider a short-term certification in digital marketing?

A digital marketing education in Pune can provide you with a wealth of opportunities. You can look into your possibilities and select a career that fits your niche. Work hard to expand your knowledge, and the possibilities for digital marketing are endless. For students who wish to engage with and comprehend social media, this is a wonderful subject. Additionally, it’s a terrific place to start for professionals who want to establish their own brand. 

  1. Short-term Certification Course for Kubernetes

An open-source platform called Kubernetes aids in the development and administration of containerized applications. K8 is essentially a container management technology that manages containers by combining them into logical units. It was initially created in the Google lab.

The deployment and updating of cloud native applications can be managed and automated with the aid of Kubernetes. It can communicate with containers running on several hosts. Kubernetes allows many applications to coexist on the same system without affecting or touching one another, which can significantly save hardware costs by using fewer machines. One of Kubernetes’ most important characteristics is its ability to self-heal, which reduces downtime through built-in troubleshooting. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification course in Kubernetes offer?
  • Professional in Kubernetes: DevOps experts who are skilled and knowledgeable in k8 can also work as Kubernetes experts, adding value to the company.
  • Salary raise: With the Kubernetes certificate in your possession, you can expect a sizable pay raise.
  • a variety of options Start-ups as well as tech industry behemoths use Kubernetes. ● High paying Job: Due to the high demand for Kubernetes, it is impossible for a K8 expert to be offered a position with a cheap salary.
  • Who should think about taking the Kubernetes Short Term certification course?

With Kubernetes’ rapidly expanding potential, new professional opportunities are opening up all over the place. All businesses, from start-ups to tech behemoths, require Kubernetes specialists, making this the ideal field for students to upskill in and bargain for lucrative compensation. The time is now for Kubernetes to provide professionals a successful career. 

  1. Short-term Tableau Certification Course

A platform for data visualisation and analytics called Tableau Software is dedicated to assisting users in seeing, comprehending, and using data to inform decisions. It condenses the raw data into a manner that experts at all organisational levels may easily understand. It is a tool that, in essence, turns raw data into pictorial and graphical form for simple interpretation without the 

need for technical or coding knowledge. The resulting dashboards and workbooks offer enterprises useful insights. 

The ability to extract data from any database is an important feature of Tableau. It can be taken out of Excel, Oracle, or PDF. 

  • What advantages can a short-term certification programme in Tableau offer?
  • Tableau certification can assist you in taking the first steps toward a career in data science and business analytics (BI).
  • Make a statement: Tableau certification can help you stand out among your colleagues and demonstrate your expertise in the subject.
  • A seal of approval: Having a Tableau certification attests to your expertise in the subject and gives hiring managers the assurance to use you.
  • New Job Title: If you are knowledgeable in Tableau, you may be able to transition to new positions as a consultant, business intelligence analyst, data analyst, and more. ● Increased Pay: As a result of the spike in demand for Tableau professionals, there is an increasing trend in pay packages.
  • Who should think about taking the Tableau Short Term Certification Course?

One of the most rapidly expanding BI and analytics systems is Tableau. It is the most potent data visualisation tool available today. The need for Tableau specialists is growing and will continue to grow in the coming years. Tableau doesn’t require coding expertise, making it the perfect training for those interested in a rewarding career in data visualisation. 

I sincerely hope that this post has aided you in understanding the courses mentioned and will assist you in selecting the course that best suits your needs and interests. Luck to you!

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