15 Job-Oriented Short Term Certificate Courses Which are In-Demand in 2021

Job-Oriented Short Term Certificate Courses

Looking for Job-Oriented Short Term Certificate Courses?

Getting a job in this economy is tough. With the unemployment rate in India at an average of 9.21 % acc to a survey, from the last 2 years, there’s fierce competition for everything. But according to many career counsellors, getting a job with stable income is not such a big challenge in India. There is a strong demand for the practised experts with specific skills in the market. Organizations are interested in hiring personnel depending on the skill sets they possess and not on the academic background now a days.

Short term job-oriented courses help you get an edge over your competition by equipping you with the latest skills. You can quickly get the best career with high-paying jobs available in the market.

With Job-oriented courses you can control your learning journey as you get to choose which course you’ll take. Short term courses from reputed institutes provide real-life projects so that you can gain expertise leading to the opening of more and more career opportunities.

Let’s learn more about the short-term courses.

List of 15 Job Oriented Short Term Certification Courses

With the right set of skills, the market is ready to provide you with the ample number of high-paying jobs. Short term Job oriented courses are the best option for those who want to possess the required in-demand skill in short period of time. These courses help you to move up the career ladder by encouraging you to improve your professional skill.

There are many courses available in the market so the main problem is to select the right course that can provide you expected returns. Below, we have discussed a few of them.

Here are short term job-oriented courses to get a job in 2021:

1. Python Short Term Certificate Course

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for some years now. It looks like there will no change in the trend in 2021 and beyond.

Python is a general-purpose, high level programming language used widely across the globe. Python is considered as one of the easiest language due to the simplicity of its syntax, that resembles English language. Its aim is to help programmers write clear, logical code for projects- small and large-scale. Due to its flexibility, it can easily be used as a core language for future technologies like big data, Artificial intelligence, etc.

What are the benefits of Python Short Term Certification Course?

  • Easy to use and understand: One of the greatest advantages of Python is its close resemblance to English language. It is a high-level language that can convert code written in English into low-level language providing excellent readability for the user.
  • Huge Support Libraries: Python has various built-in libraries with most of the programming tasks already scripted into the standard library. The usage of these libraries has a huge impact in reducing the length of code to be written and also on the applications’ performance.
  • Open-Source Language: It is a language where engineers all over the world collaborate as a community in developing it through mailing lists and conferences. Developer can modify different modules as per their requirements.
  • Portability and Extensibility: Python language is platform-independent, which means that the websites developed with python are supported by all the platforms. Also, cross-language tasks are possible with python making it extensible with many programming languages.

Who can consider Python Short Term Certification course?

Python allows coding quickly. You can build complex applications with nominal lines of code. Python Short Term course is a training program for anyone who wants a career in coding. The course can provide you the opportunity to leverage the knowledge you will possess to get multiplied outputs in terms of pay packages and career opportunities.

2. Data Science Short Term Certification Course

Data science is a deep study of the exorbitant amount of data with the help of tools and algorithms, extracting meaningful insights. Data Science is the most demanding job of the 21st century. Each and every organization want to make predictions and decisions with the help of knowledge of data science that can help them grow bigger and faster.

Data Scientists extract insights from vast amounts of raw data by discovering hidden patterns. They use latest technologies to find best solutions that are vital for the organization’s growth and development. Data Science is an evolving field in which organizations are not shying away in spending huge amount of their time and money for faster growth.

What are the benefits of Data Science Short Term Certification Course?

  • Job Designations that suit you: Data Science has given rise to many job designations. After completing the course, you can choose from multiple designations like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Analytics Manager, Big Data Engineer, etc.
  • Top Paying jobs: Data Science has generated many job titles in not only IT but almost every field. If compared to the salaries in IT sector jobs, data science jobs can pay handsome salaries.
  • Job Hunting is easy: There is a considerable gap in demand and supply of data science professionals in the market. It is one of the fastest growing jobs acc to surveys.
  • Better career opportunities: With all Top Tech Giants looking for Data Experts, it is declared as one of the most promising jobs.

Who can consider Data Science Short Term certification course?

Data Science is a special and exciting field where you can work with mathematics, statistics, algebra, coding, analysis, research together at once. If you like learning new trends with the help of data then this job can be so much fun. With the high pay packages, it is one of the sexiest jobs in the market.

3. Artificial Intelligence Short Term Certification Course

Artificial Intelligence is a way to provide the ability to a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software to think and do tasks in the same way as intelligent humans. “Artificial Intelligence” is the term usually used to describe cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving performed by machine.

What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence Short Term Certification Course?

 Artificial intelligence can be used in different domains. Some of them are

  • Space: NASA uses the AI to control the vehicles and robots far away and also to plan the space shuttle maintenance.
  • Robotics: AI is used in motor control, learning and planning, and linguistic communication.
  • Engineer: Used in intelligent controlling systems, fault diagnosis, design aids(intelligent), expert configuration tools.
  • Marketing: AI is used in increasing attrition rate of the customers by relevant and targeted marketing.

Who can consider Artificial Intelligence Short Term certification   course?

This is the perfect course for all those who wants a different career with lots      of scope in the future. This is the trending career with the perks and peaks that is here to stay.

4. Microsoft Azure Short-Term Certification Course

Microsoft Azure is a set of continuously expanding cloud computing services created by Microsoft. It is used in building, managing, deploying and testing of applications and services through Microsoft managed global data-centres. Azure is growing at a very fast pace with almost more than 100% growth rate each year.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure Short Term Certification   Course?

  • Raised pay-package: According to a survey by Business Wire, Microsoft Azure Certification can raise the wages estimated from 20% to 40%.
  • Valuable Asset for the Organization: Certifications are the proof of the expertise in the field. With the soaring demand for Azure experts, you will be valuable for the organization.
  • Career Growth: All the companies, big or small, are on a lookout for Azure professionals. Microsoft Azure course can be your chance to compete for the job in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Lion’s Share in cloud computing: Azure emerged as the largest cloud dealer commercially, making the userbase for azure considerable to the size of aws.

Who can consider Microsoft Azure Short Term certification course?

Microsoft Azure is growing at a faster pace than any other cloud service. This certification can give you the opportunity to grow the career at a faster pace with fat paycheques. With the yearly growth rate of more than 100%, the job opportunities will be better than ever for Azure professionals.

5. AWS Training Short Term Certification Course

Amazon Web Services commonly known as AWS is a broadly adopted, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It offers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to its millions of customers worldwide.

AWS helps its customers to be more agile at lower costs, by providing over 160 cloud services on pay-as-you-go basis. The approach facilitates the businesses to innovate faster.

What are the benefits of AWS Training Short Term Certification Course?

  • More Job opportunities: With more and more companies shifting to the cloud, number of jobs have increased manifold for AWS professionals.
  • High demand for AWS Experts: With the massive growth, AWS is always in the need of AWS experts.
  • Better Pay: AWS provides an edge to your resume that can help you get a job with better pay packages.
  • Cloud is the Future: Cloud computing will attain more and more job prospects in the future with companies investing in cloud.

Who can consider AWS Certification Short Term certification course?

In an era dominated by cloud computing where most of the businesses have shifted or are shifting on cloud, AWS Training will give an edge to the resume for better job prospects and attractive pay packages.

6. Google Cloud Short Term Certification Course

Google Cloud Platform is cloud computing services offered by Google for application development as well as integration. It consists of physical as well as virtual assets located in data centres located globally.

Google cloud computing (GCP) help the companies in minimizing the infrastructure      costs involved in keeping the applications up and running. With lesser maintenance and improved manageability, businesses can meet the fluctuating and variable demands of their customers leading to the better opportunities.

What are the benefits of Google Cloud Short Term Certification Course?

  • Influence the direction of cloud computing: Be among the few who can shape the future of cloud computing by becoming a cloud technical advisor.
  • Preparing for the future: With the soaring popularity of cloud computing, the course will help you prepare for the upcoming trend prevailing in IT job sector.
  • More projects: With the understanding of cloud computing, prospects for you to apply for more projects will open up swelling up the chances for professional diversification.

Who can consider Google Cloud Short Term certification course?

This course is ideal for professionals who wants to be ready for the               upcoming trend in the job market. Google Cloud Computing course can make you ready for certifications that can help you become a certified expert in cloud computing field.

7. Selenium Short Term Certification Course

Selenium is an open-source framework used for automated testing, developed by Jason Huggins. It helps in validating web applications without even learning test scripting language, across various platforms. It focusses on automation of web-based applications.

What are the benefits of Selenium Short Term Certification Course?

  • Stand out of the crowd: Selenium course can give you a comprehensive understanding of selenium testing that can make you stand out of the crowd.
  • Highlight in resume: Hands-on exp with Automation Framework can be the highlight in the resume.
  • Test Automation Jobs: Many big companies across the globe rely on Selenium for Test Automation.

Who can consider Selenium Short Term certification course?

Selenium course is perfect for professionals who wants career in automated  web    applications testing. Selenium if compared with paid tools like HP UTF/QTP is more advantageous hence, gaining momentum in the field of software testing.

8. RPA Short Term Certification Course

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an advanced form of process automation that can record human tasks that they perform and then perform those same tasks without human involvement. RPA is based on the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) workers.

The objective of Robotics process automation process is to make virtual workforce do all the boring repetitive tasks performed by humans, resulting in increased speed and accuracy.

What are the benefits of RPA Short Term Certification Course?

  • Vast career opportunities: Time and effort put in the RPA course will give you an edge over the peers. There are many jobs available for the qualified RPA professionals in the market.
  • Career that can’t be obsolete: With the rapid rate of automation, many people are losing the jobs. Don’t pursue the career that will be obsolete eventually, Choose the FUTURE.
  • Flexibility: With the sectors like healthcare, accounting, human resources hiring RPA experts, you will get the freedom and flexibility to choose the sector you want to work in.

Who can consider RPA Short Term certification course?

RPA Certification course is ideal for those who wants to choose the future. Robotic Process Automation Course can also provide the opportunity for cross-industry careers. The RPA course is the first step towards becoming RPA Developer, RPA Manager, Digital Media coordinator, Process Automation Specialist to name a few.

9. DevOps Short Term Certification Course

DevOps is a process of combining software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). The meaning signifies coordination and collaboration among formerly siloed disciplines. DevOps incorporate the philosophy of collaboration, communication and sharing between the otherwise siloed departments in the organization. DevOps practices are a cultural shift for an organization.

Main objective of DevOps is to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous high quality software delivery. The core principles of DevOps are continuous integration, monitoring and delivery along with prompt feedback loop making the process more and more efficient.

What are the benefits of DevOps Short Term Certification Course?

  • High impact career: According to a survey, the Global DevOps market is expected to reach whopping $9.40 billion by 2023. Recent surveys like this shows DevOps will be a high impact, and significant role for the next many years so it’s safe to say that it’s the right time to explore DevOps.
  • Massive opportunities: List of companies having DevOps teams is huge. From reputed MNCs like Accenture and Infosys to start-ups like Zomato and Paytm, all the companies have their own big teams of DevOps.
  • Big Paycheques: DevOps is named as one of the highest-paid skills in IT, paying even more than cloud computing and data science. DevOps professionals are offered handsome salary packages.

Who can consider DevOps Short Term certification course?

Keyword “DevOps” is appearing everywhere in the job search everywhere because of the significant demand of DevOps professionals. DevOps is a good choice for the professionals who are ready to work hard to stay up to date with current trends that will surely convert to big fat paycheques with promising future prospects.

10. Machine Learning Short Term Certification Course

Machine learning (ML) can be described as the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically without human intervention. In other words, Machine learning let computers handle new situations via analysis, observation and experience.

Traditional Programming: Data + Program (Logic), run on machine to get Output

Machine Learning: Data + Output, run on machine and machine will create its own Program (Logic)

Machine learning algorithms find uses in a wide variety of applications, such as email filtering, voice recognition, social media services, etc. ML is a very progressive field of study.

What are the benefits of Machine learning Short Term Certification Course?

The scope of Machine Learning is expanding to almost all the sectors. Some of the areas where ML experts are working to change the shape of the future are

  • Robotics: Researchers were able to make AI- robot Sophia with the help of ML and AI. Experts across the globe are working towards a single goal of making robots that can mimic human brain effectively and accurately.
  • Automotive sector: Companies like Tesla, Google, Nissan are investing exorbitantly in the ML sector. Self-driving cars are built with ML, IoT, voice recognition etc.

Machine Learning provides a lucrative career with higher salaries being offered to the professionals die to the demand supply gap in the market.

Who can consider Machine Learning Short Term certification course?

Machine learning course can provide an opportunity to the professionals to join   the field where they can create something completely out of this world. ML certification course can help you in expanding the knowledge base and in validating your skills and hard work.

11. Salesforce Short Term Certification Course

Salesforce started as a cloud-based solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Salesforce initially started as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, has now grown to become the fifth-largest software company in the world. Salesforce helps the organizations in replacing the lengthy installation processes and shifting to the internet. This saves millions of dollars and months or years of time for the organizations at a fraction of the cost. With the convenience provided by Salesforce, you can concentrate on innovation, rather than building the infrastructure and tools.

Salesforce brings companies and customers together on one integrated CRM platform. It provides a shared single view to all the departments in the organization, making decision-making process faster. Salesforce has many advantages like seamless integration with third party apps, presence on cloud making it accessible from anywhere and scalable according to the company’s needs.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Short Term Certification Course?

  • Work with the best: Salesforce is leading the CRM market with 19.7% market share. All the other companies are far behind in the competition. This certification will give you the opportunity to work with the best in the CRM market.
  • Increased Demand: With more and more companies migrating to Salesforce, demand for SF professionals has increased manifolds.
  • Highest Average salary: According to the report by Business insider, Salesforce Architect has the highest average salary among all the valuable skill jobs.
  • Career of Choice: With usage in almost every sector, it gives you an opportunity to enter the sector of your choice. Salesforce is used by companies like American Express, Obama for America, Coca Cola, Sony, etc.

Who can consider Salesforce Short Term certification course?

Salesforce Certification course is a recommended course for the professionals who are interested in this emerging technology. Salesforce being leader in cloud computing, is gaining popularity at a great pace offering huge number of jobs with some of the positions offering highest average salary offered in the market.

12. IoT Short Term Certification Course

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, digital machines and objects that can collect and share data without human interaction at all. These objects or “things” are embedded with sensors, or software, to provide the ability to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. IoT devices can be any device that can support the extension of internet connectivity. These devices can be ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial machines. IoT devices are endowed to be our eyes and ears when we can’t be present physically.

IoT offers endless opportunities for businesses in the coming years as it can provide good automation and control saving lots of time and energy. Some of the well-known examples of IoT devices are Amazon Alexa, Philips hue bulbs, Nest smoke alarm, Smart Lock etc to name a few. IoT is going to drastically impact the direction and future of the mankind.

What are the benefits of IoT Short Term Certification Course?

  • Trending topic: IoT is the trending technology from sometime now. It was first considered as a separate technology in 1999 and from then there is no sign of slowing down.
  • Impact on mankind: IoT integrated with other technologies like ML and AI has the potential to shape the direction of the humankind with Automation. The course can be your first step in the automation career.
  • Numerous Jobs: Acc to, India has a huge scope for IoT with around 117,114 jobs in the market.
  • Salary: The average salary of an IoT Developer is around ₹850k which is an attractive package for a fresher to start the career with.

Who can consider IoT Short Term certification course?

IoT has gained a lot of popularity and has emerged as a leading technology across the globe. It has a huge scope in automation. Acc to a report, number of IoT products have exceeded the number of humans on this planet. With the so much happening in the IoT field, jobs will keep on mushrooming over the years. The demand for IoT experts has already increased manifolds

13. Digital Marketing Short Term Certification Course

Digital marketing is the marketing that uses internet to promote products and services using digital media and platforms. It is a broad field of connecting with the customers with the help of social media marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation and more.

With more and more people using digital devices as an alternative to visiting physical shops, digital marketing has become an important part for a business to even survive. Every business, big or small has digital presence now a days. People rely heavily on digital content and marketing to learn about the businesses and brands.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Short Term Certification Course?

  • Professional Blogger: If you have an affinity for writing, you can choose to be a professional blogger where you can charge good amounts while doing something you enjoy.
  • Online careers scope: Many digital marketers have become social influencers by building their own brand name in a particular niche.
  • Earn with affiliate marketing: You can make good income with affiliate marketing by developing your own website or app.
  • Career as a Trainer: For the ones who are passionate about teaching, after the course you can share your knowledge with others by becoming a digital marketing trainer.

Who can consider Digital Marketing Short Term certification course?

Digital marketing course can open doors to numerous opportunities for you. You can explore the options and choose the career for your niche. Work hard to increase your knowledge and sky is the limit with the digital marketing. It’s a good course for the students who want to get involved and understand the social media. Also, the professionals who want to carve their own brand name, it’s a good start.

14. Kubernetes Short term Certification Course

Kubernetes is an open-source system which helps in the creation and management of containerized applications. K8 is basically a container management technology that works by grouping the containers into logical units for easy management. It was first developed in Google lab.

Kubernetes can help in the controlling and automation of the cloud native application deployments and updates. It can also coordinate with containers on multiple hosts. With Kubernetes, several applications can be put together on the same machines without influencing or contacting each other which can reduce the cost on hardware to a great extent as less machines are used. One of the most significant features of Kubernetes is the property of self-healing, minimising the downtime by inbuilt troubleshooting.

What are the benefits of Kubernetes Short Term Certification Course?

  • Kubernetes Professional: DevOps professionals with the skill and knowledge in k8 can double up as Kubernetes professionals becoming a valuable asset to the organization.
  • Pay hike: With the Kubernetes certificate in your kitty, you can easily expect a generous hike in your pay package.
  • Numerous options: Kubernetes is not only used by tech giants but also by start-ups.
  • High paying Job: With so much demand of Kubernetes, it is not possible for a k8 professional to get offered a low paying job.

Who can consider Kubernetes Short Term certification course?

With the sharp increase in prospective of Kubernetes, new opportunities ae coming up all around the world for professionals. From start-ups to Tech giants, all the organizations need Kubernetes professionals making it the right choice for the students to upskill and negotiate for the attractive packages. The time is ripe when Kubernetes can provide a lucrative career for the professionals.

15. Tableau Short term Certification Course

Tableau Software is a data visualization and analytics platform focused on helping people see, understand, and make decisions with data. It simplifies the raw data in a format that is easily understandable to professionals at all the levels in the organization. It is a tool that basically converts raw data in the pictorial and graphical form for the easy understanding without any coding knowledge or technical skills. Dashboards and worksheets generated provide valuable insights to the the organizations.

Tableau has a significant feature that it can extract data from any database. It can extract it from PDF, Oracle, or excel.

What are the benefits of Tableau Short Term Certification Course?

  • Step towards Data Science career: Tableau certification can help you to step in the field of data science and business intelligence (BI).
  • Stand out: Tableau certification can easily showcase your knowledge in the field and help you stand among your peers.
  • Stamp of approval: Certification in Tableau is a stamp of your knowledge in the field which gives the confidence to the hiring managers to hire you.
  • New Job Title: Expertise in Tableau can help you switch to new job roles like Tableau consultant, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst and more.
  • Increased Pay: There is an increasing trend of Pay packages for Tableau professionals due to the surge in their demand.

Who can consider Tableau Short Term certification course?

Tableau is one of the fastest-growing BI and analytics platforms in the industry. It is the most powerful tool in the market for data visualization. The demand for the Tableau experts is rising and will keep on rising in the future. Tableau doesn’t need coding knowledge so it is an ideal course for the students who are interested in lucrative career in data visualisation.

Hope this article helped you in understanding the courses mentioned and will help you choose the course according to your preferences and requirements. Good Luck!!

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