Hiring – Data Engineers | Jash Data Sciences

Hiring – Data Engineers | Jash Data Sciences

Posted 2 years ago

Do you love solving real world data problems with the latest and best techniques? And having
fun while solving them in a team! Then come join our high energy team of passionate data
people. Jash Data Sciences is the right place for you.
We are a cutting edge Data Sciences and Data Engineering startup based in Pune, India.
We believe in continuous learning and evolving together. And we let the data speak!
What will you be doing?
● You will be discovering trends in the data sets and developing algorithms to transform
raw data for further analytics
● Create Data Pipelines to bring in data from various sources, with different formats,
transforming it, and finally loading it to the target database.
● Implement ETL/ ELT processes in the cloud using tools like AirFlow, Glue, Stitch, Cloud
Data Fusion, DataFlow.
● Design and implement Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and Data Marts in AWS, GCP, or
Azure using Redshift, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, etc.
● Creating efficient SQL queries and understanding query execution plans for tuning
queries on engines like PostgreSQL.
● Performance tuning of OLAP/ OLTP databases by creating indices, tables, and views.
● Write Python scripts for orchestration of data pipelines
● Have thoughtful discussions with customers to understand their data engineering
requirements. Break complex requirements into smaller tasks for execution.
What do we need from you?
● Strong Python coding skills with basic knowledge of algorithms/data structures and their
● Strong understanding of Data Engineering concepts including ETL, ELT, Data Lake,
Data Warehousing, and Data Pipelines.
● Experience designing and implementing Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, and Data Marts
that support terabytes scale data.
● A track record of implementing Data Pipelines on public cloud environments
(AWS/GCP/Azure) is highly desirable
● A clear understanding of Database concepts like indexing, query performance
optimization, views, and various types of schemas.
● Hands-on SQL programming experience with knowledge of windowing functions,
subqueries, and various types of joins.
● A good team player with an ability to communicate with clarity
● Show us your git repo/ blog!
● 2-4 years of experience working on Data Engineering projects
● 2-4 years of Hands-on Python programming experience
● Bachelors/ Masters degree in Computer Science is good to have

● Courses or Certifications in the area of Data Engineering will be given a higher
● Candidates who have demonstrated a drive for learning and keeping up to date with
technology by continuing to do various courses/self-learning will be given high

Please share your profile at jatin@ethans.co.in.


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