HIRING – DevOps Engineer

HIRING – DevOps Engineer

Chennai, Pune
Posted 2 years ago

Job Location: Pune/chennai

JD for DevOps Engineer

1. Experience in the area of Release Management/Infrastructure Management
2. Demonstrates a good understanding of DevOps practices
3. At least one End to End CI/CD Implementation experience
4. Excellent Problem Solving and Debugging skills in DevOps area
5. Good understanding of Containerization (Docker/Kubernetes)
6. Hands-on Build/Package tool experience
7. Understands the nuances of support activities and proactive in assessing issues
8. Good at handling escalations in terms of DevOps activities
9. Works independently without any supervision
10. Up to date with the current Cloud Engineering concepts
11. Experience with AWS services – Glue, Athena, Lambda, EC2, RDS, EKS/ECS, ALB, VPC, SSM, Route 53
12. AWS Solutions architect certification would be preferred
13. Experience with setting up CI/CD pipeline for Glue jobs, Athena, Lambda functions
14. Experience architecting interaction with services and application deployments on AWS
15. Knowledge of IAM policies, security groups
16. Experience with Python Scripting
17. Experience with Groovy and writing Jenkinsfile
18. Experience writing Ansible playbooks
19. experience with git
20. Experience with repository management, code scanning/linting, secure scanning tools
21. Experience with deployments and application configuration on Kubernetes
22. Knowledge of working with Openshift for deployments , configmap

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