Hiring- Machine Learning Engineer

Hiring- Machine Learning Engineer

Posted 9 months ago

Job Description:

Position: Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Pune

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Engineering core machine learning capabilities in our IoT platform by building tools and high-performance infrastructure for running ML models at the edge.
  • Creating supervised and semi-supervised ML models for the platform.
    Core Qualifications
  • Candidates must meet ALL of the following qualifications.
  • Assist clients by being able to deliver an ML project from beginning to end, including understanding the business need, aggregating data, exploring data, building validating predictive models, aiding in MLOps, and deploying completed models with concept-drift monitoring and retraining to deliver business impact to the organization.
  • Use Azure Services (e.g., Synapse, Databricks), ML platforms, and frameworks (e.g., MXNet, TensorFlow, PyTorch, SparkML, sci-kit-learn) to help our clients build ML models.
  • Research and implement novel ML approaches, including hardware optimizations on platforms, as well as explaining and justifying the selected approaches.
  • Work with our other Digital Solutions Intrapreneurs (Applications Development, IoT, Digital Twin, AEC Engineering) to analyze, extract, normalize, and label relevant data, and with our Professional Services engineers to operationalize customers models after they are prototyped.

Experience & Knowledge:

  • Good understanding of the Machine Learning Model Development Lifecycle
  • Good understanding of various data architectures, Datawarehouse & Big Data
  • Liaise with the Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Infrastructure Team & Business Stakeholders
  • Working knowledge of Agile framework

Skills & Behaviours Required: 

We are looking for technologists who are passionate about data, analytics, and technology


  • 3-5 years of strong relevant experience building industrial solutions using machine learning techniques like classification/regression
  • Experience in training and evaluating ML models and serving them in the production
  • Good experience in software development
  • Sound understanding of data warehousing and ETL tools
  • Strong technical skills in following key tools & technologies

Please forward your resume to- Jobassistance@ethans.co.in


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