Maersk | Automation Developer

Maersk | Automation Developer

Posted 7 months ago

Job Description:

Position: Automation Developer

Experience: Relevant

Location: Pune

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Build innovative automation solutions from scratch but also leverage existing developments
  • Drive holistic automation leveraging RPA, ServiceNow, and other technologies as necessary.
  • Follow best practices  and ensure coding standards to ensure compliance with Maersk Service Management standards
  • Work with peer technologists in other areas of Maersk to ensure integration where needed.
  • Transform business needs from the internal customer to tangible automation solutions.

we are looking for:

Understanding the best practices for the end-to-end automation of IT and Business Processes.
• Significant development experience as well as leveraging commercial and open-source products to deliver solutions
• Experience following best coding practice, reusability, performance, and resiliency,
• Evidenced experience developing automation of ITST and ITOPS processes, leveraging technologies including RPA (both with COTS products as well as low-level development with Python, Java, others), ServiceNow, Machine Learning, and others.
• Experience working with scripting technologies to automate infrastructure tasks, including Linux bash shell, Perl, Windows PowerShell, etc.
• Experience working with agile methodologies and agile teams.
• Hands-on experience with automation technologies
• Real software development experience with Java and Python
• Good command of popular automation and AI Open-Source projects including Selenium, Robocop, VisionUI, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras
• Good understanding of Microsoft Power Automate
• Good understanding of system integration techniques including REST, SOAP, Messaging, file, and database-based.
• Good understanding of industry best practices, following coding standards
• Design and implementation of automation services in a large enterprise including capability building. Translate user requirements into effective solutions
• Knowledge of RPA technologies including UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate is definitely a plus.
• Real-life experience of intelligent process automation, API management, RPA tools, data analytics platforms, NLP technologies. Understanding of latest technologies to improve automation and AI adoption.
• Effective communication – written, presentation, and verbal.
• Self-starter, passionate about results and a team player
• Firm understanding of ServiceNow applications and modules is a plus
• Previous experience in working with IT, and business functions to drive transformation is important
• Aware of all phases of the Agile Application Development Lifecycle
• Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment with short deadlines
• Experience of adhering to strict platform governance policies in a complex solution environment, especially with regards to careful management of update sets

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