Thinkitive Technologies | Hiring- Freshers (Java, Python, Fullstack)

Thinkitive Technologies | Hiring- Freshers (Java, Python, Fullstack)

Posted 8 months ago

Job Description:

Eligibility Criteria

BE/B. Tech in Computer Science / Information Technology or MCA pass out in the Year 2018,2019,2020,2021 can only apply

Location: Baner, Pune

Mobile Team:

Required Skills:

  • OOPs concepts
  • Javascript knowledge if interested for Hybrid applications like React Native, Flutter
  • Mobile UI/UX knowledge 
  • SQL Query Knowledge
  • Familiarity with IDE like Eclipse, IntelliJ

Add ons:

  • If an Academic project was done on Android or iOS
  • Have Basic Git knowledge
  • Knowledge of UI components
  • Familiarity with Kotlin
  • Knowledge of API calling
  • Familiar with Android Studio and XCode


Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Jetpack, Retrofit, Firebase, MaterialUI, SQLite, Dart, Android Studio, Xcode

Python Team-

Must have the following Skills Required:

  •  Strong Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  •  OOPs & Data Structures 
  •  Front-End HTML/CSS & Javascript Basics 
  •  Database – SQL/ No-SQL 
  •  Basic Networking ( HTTP/HTTPS), Basics of client-server architecture
  •  Knowledge of Python Programming Language

Job Description:

  • Strong problem-solving skills 
  • Should be a quick learner
  • The candidate should have good knowledge of logic & designing concepts
  • Strong programming basics, with a clear understanding of Object-Oriented and Functional programming.
  • Basic Python Fundamentals, functions & modules, exception handling & OOPs concepts are must
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS is required
  • Familiarity with databases or Python Database Interaction
  • Good communication skills and ability to work with Team
  • Python with any MVP framework experience like Django or flask is added advantage(optional)

Java Team: 

Required Skills:

  • OOPs concepts
  • Core Knowledge of Java or Python
  • SQL Query Knowledge
  • Familiar with Eclipse and IntelliJ
  • Basic knowledge of UI development


  • Have Basic Git knowledge
  • Knowledge of API calling
  • Basics of OS and Networking
  • Knowledge of Java frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot & JPA
  • Knowledge of Python frameworks like Django
  • Knowledge of Cloud hosting like AWS stack
Service Agreement – 2 Years
Compensation – 3.2 LPA
Interview Process –
  • On paper test (Programming questions) offline test @office location
  • L1 Technical
  • L2 Technical
  • Managerial & HR Discussion

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