Reasons Data Science is the Most Progressive Career of the Future

Future of Data Science

Data science is the latest buzzword and the hype is not baseless. There are plenty of reasons to vouch for that. Contemporary businesses and our lives by and large revolve around data. Data being the pivotal point, the need and demand of data scientists is at an all time high and truth be told, it is not going to slow down or cease anytime soon. It is just going to burgeon at an exponential pace. In this post, we will share few major reasons why data science is the most progressive career of the future. Let’s read on:

All companies need data scientists for data management

Institutes offering data science training in Noida say that no company can survive without data management. Data management calls for professional knowledge, expertise and accuracy of the highest level. The demand for data scientists rose quite rapidly in recent years. As per the Data Security Confidence Index, Gemalto 2018, 65 percent of businesses admitted that they failed to categorize, manage and analyze their data the way they should have. 89 percent of businesses admitted that they would have had an upper hand in the market if they managed their data properly and professionally.

Stringent data protection laws

Companies are well-versed with the consequences of data breach. Data security laws have become more stringent than ever before. Irresponsible data handling is not affordable anymore. Data scientists ensure that data management and analysis takes place in the most secure, professional and responsible manner to keep at undesired intrusion at bay. Privacy stipulations have to be adhered to at all costs. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into existence in most of the countries in EU.

Data science is constantly evolving

Data science is constantly evolving and there are plenty of opportunities round the corner. Experts offering data science training in Pune say that it is a good time to for people wanting to enter the field of data science. Data science profiles are getting more specific and that’s one reason why a professional working as data scientist in one organization may not be doing the same thing another professional working in a different organization would be doing. That’s enough to vouch for the fact that how diverse and vast the data science field is.

Data is growing

Data is growing and so is the demand for data scientists. It may interest you that about 5 billion people interact with data on a daily basis. The number is expected to grow 6 billion by year 2025. This is essentially 3 quarters of the world population.

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