Salesforce as a career in 2021 and beyond

Salesforce as a career in 2021

According to Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba the massive e-commerce company, “first focus on customer satisfaction and second on teamwork”.  In recent times, retaining existing customers has become more crucial than attracting new ones. Whether it is an IT Company or manufacturing industry, each and every organization wants to developlong term relations with their customers. Organizations are replacing the idea of customer acquisition with customer retention. According to a study, around 5 % hike in customer retention will give 25%hike in profits to the businesses. This concept of customer retention gave way to the discovery of CRM tools dedicated to serving customers 24x7x365 like Salesforce CRM.

Let’s start by understanding what salesforce is exactly. Why it is considered the best choice for the organizations.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce can be explained as a SaaS based CRM platform. CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. All the businesses in the entire world, no matter big or small, have some form of CRM. The software just records the details like who is your customers, about your interactions, and the products they have bought. SaaS is short for Software as a Service. It means that cloud computing services are delivered from a web browser or App for e.g., Netflix, and Gmail etc. Salesforce has developed a variety of products to support organizations connect in the best possible way with their customers. The salesforce platform helps in putting all the departments of a company on a single page where the customer is concerned. Salesforce captures over 20% of the market share hence, can be considered as the market leader of CRM software.

Advantages that Salesforce offers for small and large businesses are

  • It is hosted on the cloud that means minimal installation or hardware costs will be incurred in the adapting process of the salesforce application as a CRM tool.
  • Salesforce supports the latest technologies like Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) which makes incorporating it seamlessly into the business infrastructure possible.

Why Salesforce is a fantastic career option?

Salesforce is a massive company that has around 42,000 employees around the world. Acc to an estimation by IDC, from 2016 to 2020, around 1.9 million jobs are created in this Ecosystem. It is also predicted that by 2024, nearly 4.2 million more jobs will be created. Salesforce being a fast-growing company keeps on hiring for a variety of roles ranging from marketing and management to sales and engineers.

These jobs aren’t just any old jobs, they are a new breed of careers. Suited for ambitious, creative, determined individuals that want to better themselves through earning new, in-demand skills. Roles in the salesforce ecosystem are considered as one of the best jobs in recent times. This is the right time to start your career with salesforce classes in Pune.

salesforce growth world wide

As Salesforce CRM is crucial for organizations to serve better to their customers, lots of jobs are required to sustain it. Companies need

  • Business Consultant: evaluate the requirements and render them to technical solutions
  • Developer: write codes and incorporate systems
  • Administrator: improves productivity and focusses on the processes to achieve seamless workflows for projects
  • Data migration Expert: Helps in shifting data from the system
  • Support Team: For users in the company once the software has been rolled out. Help them with the bugs, training, questions etc.

Apart from all the above, Salesforce also encourages organizations or individuals to build Apps on their platform. These apps are used by the companies to extend their functionality resulting in better performance.

Reasons why Salesforce is the #1 choice for the aspirants:

Reasons why Salesforce is the #1 choice for the aspirants

How to Jumpstart your Career with Salesforce?

Once you decide to start your career in salesforce, the next step is to join the Salesforce certification training. You should try to acquire all the skills that are crucial to advance your career as a Salesforce Developer. After completing the training, apply for the Salesforce Developer certification. At EthansTech salesforce training in Pune, we focus to assist students in the best possible way so that most of our students can clear the certification exam on their very first attempt. After all this hard work you are ready to apply in the top MNCs for attractive salary packages and jumpstart your career. Experience is always good while applying for jobs but it’s not always easy to have some. For this purpose, you can sign up with where you can volunteer with the charities that use the salesforce platform and earn experience.

At EthansTech Pune, more than 1000+ certified professionals have completed salesforce training in Pune with our qualified mentors and got into the IT industry. Ethans has a 56% Pune market share in Salesforce Training which makes it a trustworthy choice among professionals.

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