Top 20 Trending Technologies in 2021 You Need to Learn

Top 20 Trending Technologies in 2021 You Need to Learn

The best way to get the most secure career is by getting an education in technology. Technology is going to be the growth engine for many industries in the future, so it would be smart to get a formal education in a field that is going to be growing for many years in the future. The challenge here is choosing the right technology.

Many technologies are trending and it would be difficult to know which are the right ones to make a career. The best way to make this choice is by knowing about the trending and emerging technologies. The following information will illuminate you on the top 20 trending technologies in 2021 which will help you decide in which technology you can make a career.

Top 20 Trending Technologies in 2021

Technologies come and go but there are a few that change the world for the better. Currently, we are seeing many such world-changing technologies, and it would be wise to learn any of them. But of course, you should only learn the technology that truly interests and excites you, and to be able to make the right choice, you have to know about these technologies.

So, here are the top 20 trending technologies in 2021 you need to learn: 

    • Data Science 
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Internet of Things
    • Cloud Computing
    • Edge Computing
    • Quantum Computing
    • Augmented Reality 
    • Virtual Reality
    • Data Visualization
    • Application Development
    • Blockchain 
    • Low-Code Platforms
    • UI/UX Development
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • 5G 
    • Nanotechnology & Material Science
    • CRM Solutions
    • Product Development 
    • Electric Vehicles

1. Data Science 

Data science is set to be the biggest driving force behind most industries. It is the fastest rising technological advancement. Data science is the use of databases, data analytics, software, tools, algorithms, and predictive models to process raw data to gain insightful findings that can be used to make business decisions. Data science lets businesses see the future of the market and make decisions accordingly.

The data science industry in India is going to be worth $16 billion by the year 2025. So, now is the right time to gain an education in this industry. Data science jobs are also counted amongst the top-paying jobs, not just in the country but in the world. Therefore, students who are good in mathematics, physics, statistics, and programming should not think twice about getting an education in data science.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be the most dominant technology in the future. AI is creating computer intelligence that can learn on its own and improve operations to make them safer and more efficient. AI seamlessly blends into technology and has applications in all industries that use technology. One prime example of AI’s potential is the fact that AI is being successfully used to develop vaccines for COVID-19.

The AI industry in India is going to be worth $190 billion by 2025 and will create thousands of jobs. So, from a practical point-of-view, this is an excellent industry to make a career in. AI can improve operations, products & services, help understand consumer behaviour, and help predict market-changing events. Owing to these amazing applications, students should consider this industry for a career.

3. Machine Learning

Though a part of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is gaining importance as a completely different industry and application. In ML, based on the training input, the programme starts learning on its own and keeps improving over time. This is very much like human intelligence. ML is mostly used in data science, but it also has many applications in technological advancement.

The ML industry will reach a value of $96.7 billion in 2025. Realising the value of this industry, the government is facilitating education in ML. Many private institutes, colleges, and universities are offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and certification courses. You can also do programming courses in R and Python as these languages are used in ML. So, if you want to make a career in technologies, Machine Learning is worth considering.

4. Internet of Things

$1.1 trillion is the amount that is going to be spent on the Internet of Things industry. This is a staggering number, but it makes sense considering the importance of IoT. Today, many devices connect to the internet. You can check your doorbell camera remotely. Switch on or switch off the air conditioner. Even shut off gas and electricity. This is all thanks to IoT.

IoT-connected devices connect over the internet and provide important data that helps in making things better, safer, and more efficient. IoT combines many technologies like AI, ML, data analytics, networking, software programming, hardware, etc. So, you can learn any of these technologies and make a career in IoT. This is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is only going to get bigger.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that allows you to store data and execute computing operations over the internet. Your data is stored in massive servers located overseas and protected by the best cybersecurity systems. Your computer is only an access point while your data is safely stored in the cloud. Cloud computing is pretty much the future as it is a technology that is accessible to all from large-scale enterprises to individual users.

Cloud technology is only getting better with many big players like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and DropBox. According to a NASSCOM study, the cloud computing industry in India will reach a value of $7.1 billion in 2022. But these figures are still conservative considering that more businesses realised the value of switching to cloud computing during the pandemic. It is one of the best technologies to learn for a high-growing and high-paying career.

6. Edge Computing

With the potential to reach a value of $43 billion by the year 2027, Edge computing is the nearest rival technology to cloud computing. The reason why edge computing is growing because as great as cloud computing is, it has a few flaws. These flaws are corrected in edge computing. Sometimes, transferring data to and processing it from a centralised location can take time. Not with edge computing.

In edge computing, your data storage and computing needs are stored in a smaller location like right on the ‘edge’ of where your business is located. Hence the name. This allows the storage and computing operations to execute much faster owing to the proximity. Edge computing is a great alternative to cloud computing, but will it overtake the cloud is a difficult assessment. It certainly has the potential.

7. Quantum Computing

Today, mankind is preparing to land on Mars and even colonise it in the coming few decades. This is all possible thanks to quantum computing. Quantum computing is expected to reach a value of $2.82 billion in 2029 with many big names of the IT industry foraying into the use of quantum computing technology. It makes use of quantum mechanics, probability algorithms, linear algebra, machine learning, and information theory.

Quantum computing is computing done at a much higher rate than your normal computers. Data that is entered is sorted, processed, and analysed at a much faster rate than normal computers. Previously, quantum computing was only available to physicists but now, its commercial use to improve technology, operations, innovations, and healthcare has gained wide acceptance. This is easily one of the best technologies to learn, but the availability of education in this sector is still an issue.

8. Augmented Reality 

The whole world was mesmerised when Google introduced Google Glasses, and many other tech companies began working on their version of augmented reality (AR) powered glasses and other wearable technology. Other than these, AR also has many applications and it is going to be one of the top technologies of 2021 thanks to its easy availability. AR-ready smartphones have already been made and will make their commercial debut soon.

AR technology creates a computer perception on a screen. The best example of this would be the wildly popular Pokémon Go game that encouraged players to walk and find on their smartphone screens, and capture Pokémons. This is the power of AR. It can be quite immersive, and it’s potential in visual experiences, communication, and gaming is being realised. It is a good technology to learn.

9. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) was invented way back when. However, there weren’t other technologies that could properly support it, and VR occupied a lot of space, so it got pushed to the backburner. But in the last decade or so, it has made a comeback. The potential of VR is being realised by the gaming, entertainment, visual arts, communication, advertising, and marketing industries.

VR engages all your senses. It is one of the most immersive experiences. Sight, sound, smell, and feel are all engaged making it one of the most realistic experiences. Many industries are exploring the application of VR and in 2021, one can expect this technology to enhance many experiences.

10. Data Visualization

Thanks to data science and data analytics, data visualization has gained much importance. Torrents and torrents of data are being generated, and data analytics and data science help process this data to get meaningful and insightful findings, these findings still need to be presented in such a way that it is easily understood by all. This is where data visualization is helpful. Businesses are on the look for smart technologies that allow them to make smart data representations.

Currently, many data visualization programmes, tools, and applications are being developed. These can easily integrate into your presentation, photo editing, and video editing software, allowing you to make engaging, immersive yet understandable data visualizations. This technology is going to be a part of many offices, so it will be quite advantageous to learn it.

11. Application Development

Apps are the best way to facilitate operations and transactions online. The application development industry is seeing a boom thanks to smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives. From ordering food to getting a plumber to your home, there is an app for everything. Therefore, the app development industry is going to become much stronger in the year 2021.

There are two mainly 2 types of apps – web-based and smartphone apps. Though smartphone apps are more widely used, web apps allow even smaller businesses to offer their customers an easier way to avail their products and services. App development is going to grow much more and this trending technology is a great option to learn. It can lead to a lot of high-paying careers.

12. Blockchain 

Blockchain is an open-source technology that is freely available to all. Other than creating a cryptocurrency, it can also be used to develop security software and features. How blockchain technology works is that developers can only add to this technology, and not gain control or exclusivity. All developments done on the technology get permanently recorded for others to use and add to. This is the reason why it’s called blockchain.

With blockchain spending is about to reach $11.7 billion in 2022, the rush is on to find more applications of the technology. The finance industry is using blockchain to make transactions safer, and the healthcare industry will be widely using blockchain by the year 2025. This is one of the best technologies to learn for a career, and you can also do a bit of bitcoin mining on the side.

13. Low-Code Platforms

Low-code platforms are developer platforms that allow users to develop through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) These platforms also aid in setting up and deploying, reducing the time and effort of users. It is also a great way to save money as it empowers people with low coding knowledge, allowing them to develop something right through their platform. It increases organisational operations and agility.

Low-code platforms are seeing a boom of sorts as people have realised the importance and financial benefits of using such platforms. Many of them also provide technical assistance so users are not lost. They are quite easy-to-use, so one can learn a lot and make a career helping companies use low-code platforms to develop software, tools platforms, etc.

14. UI/UX Development

You might think UI/UX is only related to website development but it has many other applications as well. UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience. We live in a world of efficiency, so just making a working website or an application is not enough. They have to rate high on UI/UX or they will not succeed. UI/UX development helps make things better in terms of performance, delivery, and even aesthetics.

More than technology, UI/UX development can be termed as a set of principles that can be used to develop websites, applications, software, tools, and platforms. Many businesses have realised the impact strong UI/UX development can have on their business and don’t think twice about hiring professionals for UI/UX development. So, this is another technology that is already flourishing and can be used to make excellent careers.

15. Robotic Process Automation

The manufacturing industry is already heavily using robots for manufacturing operations, but since the pandemic, their use has gone up even more. Robotics is definitely going to be one of the most dominant technologies of 2021. Just a glance through the social media pages of Boston Robotics will show you the amount of progress that’s been made. Soon, humanity will be using robots for repetitive, boring, menial, high-risk, high-accuracy jobs.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is automating many human tasks for digital completion. Initially, only a few simple tasks will be automated, but one day, critical tasks will also be automated. RPA may displace a few human jobs, but it will also create more jobs. Right from engineering and programming robots to maintaining and controlling them, this sector will be one of the fastest-growing sectors thanks to the ever-expanding manufacturing needs in 2021.

16. 5G 

Many technologies that you have read about till now are also heavily dependent on the development of 5G telecommunications technology. IoT is one example of technologies reliant on 5G. 5G stands for 5th generation, meaning the current telecommunications technology that is being installed is of the 5th generation. It is lighter, faster, and can support most modern technologies.

Currently, 5G technology is being installed across many developed countries, and will soon make way towards developing and third-world countries. Therefore, now is a great time to get an education in this technology and get an advanced high-paying job in an industry that is going to achieve a amazing value of $19,053.09 billion by 2025. Telecommunications has grown a lot in the past few years and this upward trend will continue in 2021.

17. Nanotechnology & Material Science

On one end, science is getting bigger and reaching out into space to discover new worlds. On the other end, it is also getting smaller and discovering new worlds within our world. Nanotechnology and material science are going to change the landscape of product technology in the coming few years. They are already showing a lot of promise in 2021. One of the best examples of nanotechnology and material science is the bendable, foldable display in smartphones.

The applications of nanotechnology and material science are far too many to count. But the right thing to say about these technologies is that they will change human life for the better. These technologies will lead to the discovery, invention, and innovation of many things that only existed in science fiction novels. So, if you want to play a part in the evolution of human technology, you should consider studying nanotechnology and material science.

18. CRM Solutions

We are living in an age where the customer is treated like a king. Today, there is so much competition in each sector that customers and potential customers have become extremely important. One amazing way customers are being treated right, nurtured, and retained is through the use of CRM solutions. CRM stands for customer relationship management and currently, businesses are employing technologies, tools, and platforms to manage their relationship with the customers.

Salesforce, one of the biggest companies in the world, valued at more than $222 billion, offers mostly comprehensive CRM platforms. This just goes to show the importance of CRM in today’s business world. So, if you want to have a high-paying career in a company like Salesforce. You have to learn all that you can about developing and managing the best CRM technology.

19. Product Development 

In just the last few decades, products are seeing development at speeds never imagined before. All this has been possible because of product development. The days of stumbling upon discoveries and inventions by chance are over. Companies are consciously developing products based on market research and customer needs, and are solving problems and creating the golden age of technological evolution.

The great thing about product development is that you are free to choose what field you want to learn in. As long as some product is developed through technology, you can make a career in the field. There are many jobs in product development, so be sure to choose a career that will truly excite you, so learning becomes easy.

20. Electric Vehicles 

The electric car is the future. Why just the future, it is also the present. Of course, you must have heard the name of Tesla Motors. This company has made its founders, Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world. Almost every automobile company in the world is working on bringing out their versions of the electric car, so it is safe to say they will become the primary mode of transport soon.

Since almost every country in the world has signed the Paris Accords, making written promises to cut down carbon emissions, electric cars will be in huge demand all over the world. Therefore, 2021 is the perfect time to get an education related to this industry, and play your part in bringing down carbon emissions, and giving the world the cleanest way of travel.

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