Top Advantages of Learning Python Language

advantages of learning python programming

Python is undoubtedly the fastest growing language in the world of data science and it will continue to do so. Apparently, more and more data science aspirants want to learn python as it guarantees a rewarding career. So, if you also wish to make your career in data science and wondering about the reasons to learn python, this post is for you:

Python is simple

Institutions offering date science courses in Pune say that Python is quite easy to learn because it is a simple language. It is considered beginner friendly and since it has a neat and simple syntax, it offers a shorter learning curve as compared to other languages. The best part about Python is that you do not have to spend a lot of time reading the documentation. You can directly get on to the research part. This is why it is immensely used for web development and data analysis etc.

Collection of libraries

Python has a whole gamut of libraries and these libraries have got richer over the past few years. They come in really handy and that’s why they appeal data science experts. These libraries also make the functionality pretty easy. Few of the python libraries are- NumPy, Pandas, and SciPy. That’s not it. Shogun, ggplot, PyLearn2, prettypotlib and PyMC  are some of the many other libraries at your disposal.

Excellent for Enterprise Application Integration

Python is considered apt for embedding in applications even if those applications were written in other languages. Easy integration is a major reason why this language is considered ideal for web development. Besides, it is useful for application scripting owing to its integration bonding with Java, C and C++.  Python has robust text processing capability which makes it a wonderful tool for software testing. There is a unique unit testing framework and development of GUI desktop applications is a breeze with Python, say trainers offering Python training in Pune.

Write expressive code with Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is not a new name to Python developers. It is an open source application which can be used for expressive coding. It is also considered for machine learning and data science. The list of perks is endless with Python. Google Colaboratory gives you access to free cloud computing and high performance and GPUs. Storing data and notebooks on Google drive is immensely easy as Google Colab is synced with Google Drive apps.

Community to get help from

Python community consists of countless Python developers and enthusiasts across the globe. You can get benefitted from their knowledge and expertise and also share your knowledge with them. This exchange of knowledge will help you grow as a data science professional.

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