Top Technical Skills to get hired in 2021

The technology sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Tech skills that were once contemplated as evergreen have now become obsolete. This continuous evolution of technology is opening doors to new in-demand tech skills employment opportunities. According to the reports, by 2024 the growth of tech employment will be 12% — which means more and more jobs becoming available to IT professionals.

Regardless of the huge number of job openings and lesser professionals available, competition for high-paying jobs is vicious. One needs to possess some of the most sought-after tech skills to be noticeable and grab top-paying tech roles in 2021.

One of the most crucial time in one’s career is after graduation when you start charting out your career options – what field do you wish to land a job in, what further qualifications do you need for it, and so on. With the vast number of choices present now a days, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed in choosing the right course for you that is in-demand with current tech trends and helps you grab one of the top paying jobs out there. For majority of people money, career growth and job security are the driving force while choosing a career path. And if these are important factors for you, as well, then this article will help you decide the direction you want to go in next. We’ve created this list of the top job-oriented courses that you could consider!  Let’s get into the top skills to get the highest paid jobs in India.


Tech skills that are hot commodities among employees

  • Programming: Programming is the process of designing and building a computer program to perform a specific task. Programming (also known as coding) has always been an indispensable tech skill of the technology world that can open up huge number of career opportunities for you. Most in-demand coding languages in the market right now across the globe are JavaScript, Java, and Python.

Python is a High-level Language and is very easy to learn in comparison to C and C++.      Python has gained incredible popularity due to its user-friendly format. It is ideal for both experts as well as beginners. It has been ranked #3 on popularity chart acc. to TIOBE index.

The average salary of a python professional is around 5 lakh rupees.

There are no set pre requisites to start learning python course. It is considered easier compared to c and c++ so it is an ideal choice for beginners also from both IT and non-IT fields.

EthansTech is one of the best institutes for python course in pune. The curriculum is designed in a way that start from basic concepts of python programming and covers the advanced concepts. After the completion of the training, Ethan’s also provides the 100% placement assistance after the completion of the course.

  • Data Science: Data science is obtaining information and useful insights out of staggering amount of data available for the organization, using various tools, and algorithms to allow data-driven decision making. No business wants to be left behind and hence, more and more businesses are relying on data to drive their decision-making. Data scientists are needed in almost every sector- banking, finance, healthcare to name a few. Data-driven skills are highly appreciated and that’s why demand for Data Analysts, Data Architects, Database Administrators, Business Analysts, and similar roles continues to rise.

Data science is considered as the fastest-growing job in 2017 by LinkedIn. According to a report by Future of Jobs, Data Scientists and Data Analysts will be the top emerging in-demand role by 2022. There is around 40 % rise in demand for data scientist since the starting of 2019. This huge increase in data science job shows that data science careers are here to stay, and is one of the most in-demand tech skills.

Data Science jobs are one of the most highly paid jobs, and Data Scientists are making an average of ₹ 7,57,190 per year in India. Skills required for these positions include fundamentals of data analysis, data intuition, data storage and data interpretation to different domains including finance, sales, marketing, and derive useful trends and information for the organization. A data scientist with data visualization skills is highly sought-after.

No prior experience in coding is required to start the career in data science. There are institutes who offer carefully designed data science courses in pune, to help students seeking a career in data science with lucrative packages.

  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing can be explained as the delivery of computing services like servers, storage, software, analytics, and intelligence etc on the need basis over the Internet (“the cloud”) that results in global availability, affordable resources and faster functioning. Number of Organizations migrating to cloud computing have grown exponentially which shows the huge growth of opportunities for the Cloud Computing industry.

Cloud computing proved to be one of the strongest tech careers in 2020.It offers job opportunities for engineers who can plan, design, manage and maintain, and support cloud computing. Since cloud computing professionals are responsible to manage critical applications on cloud platform, they are offered attractive packages by the organizations. Average salary of a cloud computing engineer in India is around INR 1,830,766 according to PayScale.


The most in-demand cloud computing skills are Google cloud platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, and Kubernetes.


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  • Internet of things: The internet of things (IoT) can be explained as a concept where every day physical objects will be connected to the internet and will be able to identify themselves to other devices. IoT is a rising field in technology, that can create numerous jobs in the future.


Students with electronics and electrical background would be of great help in this field.


  • AI and ML: Machine learning is the IT thing right now. ML is pegged as one of the highest-paid jobs worldwide. ML is an AI application where the system learns and improves on its own without being programmed. ML/AI are considered to change the world with its futuristic technology.

World Economic Forum says artificial intelligence (AI) will create 133 million new jobs by 2025. AI/ML is slowly becoming the most sought-after skill, so mastering this tech skill can provide a well stable job. AI and ML find application in almost all the areas— like healthcare, education, finance, etc.

Acc to the data from, 32% of the ML jobs on the site offers salary between 6 to 10 LPA while some of the ML jobs salary is between 10 to 15 LPA.


Skills that help in improving the average package are basic understanding of Programming in R / Python, Experience of working with frameworks like TensorFlow. Statistical knowledge along with strong written and oral communication is highly appreciated.

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  • Digital Marketing: India is the second largest digital economy in the world after China with over 560 million internet users. With the skyrocketed usage of smartphones, the popularity of the online medium is increasing. Large segment of consumers is comfortable exploring their options and making purchases Big, as well as small neighbourhood businesses are embracing digital solutions to ascertain their digital foothold.


Choosing Digital Marketing as a career option in this digital era is never going to disappoint you. Digital Marketing industry was expanding at a fast pace when COVID-19 hit the world, making digital marketing as one of the most sought-after skill ever. In the world of marketing and advertising, Digital Marketing provides numerous options to choose from. Content creation, social media strategy, and analytics, are great options for people who have affinity towards the creativity. For the technical minded, SEO and SEM provide high earning potential and plenty of demand.


With some experience in the field of digital marketing, sky is the limit in terms of packages. It solely depends on the ability of the individual. Future-proof your career and enjoy a career with great salary packages with the knowledge of digital marketing.


Wrapping Up

Keep on expanding your knowledge and continuously pursue new in-demand skill sets. This is the right way to make yourself stand-out from other tech professionals. Up-skill yourself with the latest most sought-after skills that match your career goals, and you will receive attractive pay packages. Soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, etc. are also given due importance so, you must also concentrate on improving the soft skills.

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