What is AWS: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

What is AWS

AWS, or Amazon Web Services is not new to laymen given its popularity as a leading cloud provider. AWS is not only used by individuals but also by several tech corporations owing to its convenience of use. In the following blog, various aspects and areas of the AWS will be covered along with its applications worldwide.

What is AWS?

To simply define AWS, it constitutes of providing of on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs by Amazon. These are offered to individuals, companies, large enterprises or governments. Some of the well-known users of AWS include Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Adobe, BBC, ESPN, etc. There are various kinds of services offered by Amazon that makes cloud computing convenient for the users.

What is AWS Services?

There are various kinds of services provided under AWS Services based on the requirement of the entity. These services are listed as follows:

1. Compute Service

These are the services that are of use to developers for building, deploying, and even scaling an application on the cloud platform. There are two types computing – AWS EC2 and AWS Lambda. A web service that will allow the developers to rent various virtual machines to automatically scale the compute capacity whenever required is provided under AWS EC2. Meanwhile, AWS Lambda is more about executing code for the application.

2. Storage

Being a cloud computing service, providing storage is one of the primary services of AWS. This includes providing web data storage for archiving data and an advantage it has capable of disaster data recovery tied with high durability. There are two options presented for storage services – Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS. Amazon S3 is an open cloud-based storage service that is used for online data backup. While Amazon EBS provides a high availability storage volume for persistent data.

3. Database

The database domain service provided by AWS is cost-efficient, highly secure, as well as scalable database instances in the cloud. AWS again provides two choices for the users – DynamoDB and RDS. Dynamo DB is a flexible NoSQL database service that offers fast and reliable performance with no scalability issues. Whereas, RDS is used in the setup, operation, and scaling process for developers while accessing a relational database.

4. Networking and Delivery of Content

It is a part of AWS services that renders a highly secure cloud platform. It also connects one’s physical network to one’s private VN with a high transfer speed. There two kinds of routes that the users can choose between – VPC and Route 53. VPC helps the developer to deploy AWS resources and gives the user control over the whole cloud network environment, including the section of user’s IP address range, subnets, route table configuration, and network gateways. While Route 53 launched for developers so that they can have a cost-effective method of routing end users to cloud applications.

5. Developer Tools

These developer tools help the user build, deploy, and run an application source code automatically. It also provides an option to update the server and instance on the workload. There are two options provided for developer tools – Code Star and Code Build. Code Star is a service that is designed to manage application development in a single place. Code Star allows developers to quickly develop, build and deploy applications on AWS. Code Build removes the hassle of managing the physical servers and makes developers build a test code with continuous scaling.

6. Management Tools

With the use of management tools, the user will be able to optimize costs, minimize risks, and also automate all kinds of resources running efficiently on the AWS infrastructure. Even here, AWS provides options – Cloud Watch and Cloud Formation. Cloud Watch is a monitoring tool for AWS resources and for the customer applications to run smoothly on the AWS platform. Whereas, Cloud Formation helps in monitoring all AWS resources in one place.

History of AWS

AWS services were launched in the year 2002. However, the cloud products were launched only in 2006. The first ever customer event that AWS organized was six years later in 2012. Upon achieving $4.6 billion in 2015, AWS continued to launch AWS snowball and AWS snowmobile in 2016 and surpassed the target of $10 billion revenue. Later on, in 2019, AWS released about a 100 cloud services.

How AWS Works?

Sharing of sensitive passwords was done poorly through phone calls and emails before AWS or IAM. This occurred because only one password existed which made this pass-on sloppy. There was just one admin password used for various location and at different levels in the organization.

However, with AWS, it is now possible to have a more secure way of communication. A third-party application Slack, is hosted by AWS which renders secure conversation intra-organization. It also allows in secure sharing of document though the application, eradicating the chances of getting the information overheard and jeopardized.

Benefits of Learning AWS

There are numerous benefits to AWS given that it was designed to meet the requirements of modern-day enterprises. Some of the major benefits of AWS are listed as follows:

  • AWS caches the content in edge locations decreasing the workload, therefore, resulting in high availability of applications.
  • It is convenient to use and aids in the productivity enhancement.
  • AWS also provides high security for one’s information with a ‘Content Privacy’ feature.
  • It facilitates GEO targeting service aiding the content delivery to particular end-users.
  • AWS uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols for swifter delivery of any kind of content.
  • It is cost-effective and affordable as it charges only for the data transfer.

Skills Required for Career in AWS

Building a career in AWS can be absolutely rewarding as well as interesting. It is one of the ideal career choices for computer enthusiasts. However, there is a set of certain set of skills that will allow the aspirants into entering the field. Some of AWS skills are listed as follows:

  • Experience or education in code development for codes in at least one high-level programming language.
  • Computer skills in order to create highly automated and strong infrastructures.
  • Legitimate experience in the administration of various kinds of operating systems.
  • Thorough knowledge in the areas of processes and various methodologies incorporated in modern development and operations tasks.

Is AWS Good for Career?

Before understanding how to work with AWS, it is essential to know why AWS is a good career option. The developers working with AWS aim at enhancing the collaborations between the development and IT operations teams. This is done for the enterprises to ensure optimal functionality in an application or software. Besides, the developers get to become a part of worldwide adoption of DevOps in AWS. Last known statistics indicate that the worldwide adoption rate of DevOps was 66% in 2016, and in 2017, the adoption rate reached 74%.

Organizations require AWS to boost their productivity, and they are soon to realize the importance of AWS. The market share AWS has presently is incredible which can draw attention of several beginners in the field. It owns shares in various other public cloud services as well. This makes AWS a market leader that brings about several employment opportunities.

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Can I Get a job with AWS?

To have a job with AWS, one must first acquire the needed certification. There is a wide range of certifications provided by AWS through which one can have the desired career with AWS. However, in order to pursue this certification, the candidates need to have pursued relevant education in development and must have an experience of two or more years, professionally. There are different kinds of AWS courses as well which help the aspirants in achieving the career that they desire.

How to Start a Career in AWS?

In order to start a career in AWS, the aspirant is required to have a skillset that is suited for the jobs in the field. Apart from that, a legitimate professional experience and a certification from AWS as well is required. Below you can find various aspects of getting started with a career in AWS.

What is AWS Certification?

There are different types of AWS certification which are provided based on the interests developed by the candidate. An AWS certification is nothing but an short term certificate course provided by Amazon. These are set for certain job profiles and their specific requirements.

What is AWS Course?

Just like the AWS Certifications, the AWS courses are the kind that are provided by Amazon to the aspirants who wish to work for the AWS. Except these courses are longer in duration than the certification courses and also provide a thorough education in the said field.

What are AWS Certifications?

Some of the most commonly pursued certifications that are provided under AWS are listed as follows:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (Architecting on AWS)
  • AWS Technical Essentials
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (Advanced Architecting on AWS)
  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty (Security Engineering on AWS)
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional (DevOps Engineering on AWS)

Which AWS Certification is Right for me?

There are various options that Amazon provides when it comes to certification courses. In order to find out which course is best-suited for you, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. First of all, it is essential to remember that as a part of the eligibility criteria, the candidates are required to have an experience in the said field. If you have the experience and interest in a particular course area, it would be an ideal course for you. Second of all, it must also be noted that meeting the eligibility criteria absolutely important.

How to Advance A Career with AWS Certifications?

After you have pursued your certification in AWS, there are various employment opportunities presented to you in Amazon itself. With the kind of hold that Amazon has on the market, generating employment opportunities is secondary to Amazon. Therefore, upon looking into the right places you can even end up with a job right after the completion of the course.


Amazon has acquired a great deal of the market by entering the cloud computing services. Overall, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a rewarding field of career as well. AWS provides certifications that are of great value to Amazon itself let alone the constant employment opportunities that it keeps introducing. If you choose to pursue a career in AWS, a great quality of living as well can be achieved.

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